Ways to Improve Walking Posture


Your body posture while walking really matters, as it determines how efficiently your body moves forward, how fast you move and how likely you are to develop back pain and other physical problem. Proper walking posture makes you able so to use your muscles of of back, hips and legs actively. Appropriate posture keeps the muscles healthy and improves muscles control which essential for your body and its performance while you do work and physical activities. You can learn the posture very easily by following the given steps in this article which will not only improve your walking posture but also help you in walking faster, tighten your tummy and burning more calories.

Follow natural curves of your back

Keep your back straight and your stomach tight. Allow your back to follow its natural curves. You can achieve this position by pulling your navel inwards to your spine. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your chest outwards but not much. Just stay straight.

Hold your head high

Keep your chin up and your head high because letting it loose may put unwanted stress on your neck which may disturb your balance while walking. Keeping it high takes stress off the neck and reduces the risk of pain in your neck and back.

Keep your thighs and butts muscles busy

Notice the stress on your individual muscles of your lower body while walking. You need to keep these muscles engaged. These muscles get relaxed when you walk lazily. It puts excessive stress on other parts of your body and can lead to body strains. Once you get habitual to this posture, you won’t have to make any extra effort to follow it.

Point your toes forward

When walking, point your toes forward, don’t cock them because it may cause injury. Stepping awkwardly tweak something in your leg and feet and takes you to unbalancing.

Elongate your body

It is also very important to walk with attitude by keeping your eyes forward and head up. Walk by falling into a natural stride.

Keep your arms swinging

Keeping your arms slightly bent and low is important while walking. Swing them naturally. At the top of your arm swing, your elbow should be leveled with your breastbone and at the bottom of your swing your hand should brush your hip. This pose helps in avoiding any kind of swelling in your finger s and your speed increases over time.

Keep your hands loosely cupped

Don’t clench your fists while walking, rather you should keep your hand loosely cupped as you are holding a raw egg in your hand and you are not supposed to drop it or get it cracked.

Focus the abdominal muscles

Your abdominal muscles need to be focused ad they are the core muscles of your body. Pull the tummy in while walking and keep breathing normally. You may feel it awkward in the beginning but later on you will become habitual. You can even measure it benefits in inches.


Focusing on all the other posture points will provide your stride a natural form. It should come naturally.

Strike the ground with your heel first

While walking you should push off from your heel and then roll through to your toe. Your heel should strike the ground first and then your toe.

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