Ways to Lose Weight When You Have No Time

For the people who are too busy to take care of them, and doesn’t have time to work-out or exercise gains extra weight and the real misery is Their busy schedules never let them of think of getting rid of that creeping on weight. It can be understand but physical fitness cannot be compromised. Well… “Where there is a will, there is a way,” once you decide to work on your health and fitness you can actually do it even when you are freaking BUSY.


See the following to learn how you can lose weight easily just by making few simple changes in your routine.

“Early to bed and early to rise”

This is very well said that “Early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy wealthy and wise.” The person who sleeps early, get sound sleep, which is extremely crucial for human health in so many ways. Lack of sleep can cause numerous health issues and drawbacks. While getting up early have its benefits as well, in my eyes the number one benefit of leaving bed early is that your day become longer and you get more time to do things you that you can’t do waking up 30 minutes earlier you have to leave for work. And yes, to being busy isn’t that TIME most gem-like thing? Waking up early will allow you to go for a morning walk or you can easily make a routine of Morning workout.

Never Skip Meals, Especially Breakfast

This is another key to the door to fitness and healthy life style. Breakfast is something you should be committed to eat even if you are getting late from work or you can eat at work. It gives your body the strength to work and helps in boosting metabolism that is necessary when it comes to losing weight.

Say a BIG NO to calories

You have no other choice than cutting off all calories from your diet. Watch carefully before you pick a pack of snacks or think before you eat junk, all the processed food usually have high calories and no healthy nutrients. In short, switch to real food, the colorful veggies especially the green ones, fruits with vitamins and iron, whole grains and the juices.

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Switch to tea/black coffee

Rather than ordering a creamy sugary cup of coffee that carry at least 80 calories, switch to fat burning tea that carry no calories and help in reducing weight quite fast.

Treasure Weekends

The weekend is the only time you get some “me time”, so it is suggested that you spend it wisely and not by partying only. Plan ahead how you can make use of the time in a better way, you can plan a workout date with a friend, you can do gym, or maybe you can make it to the yoga classes every weekend.

Don’t sit when you can stand

Make a habit of not sitting all the time, you can surely do this and it is quite assisting in reducing weight and not gaining more.

Double the Intensity of workout

The best workout for losing weight doesn’t really require hours of work out in the gym but it require a high intensity 15-20 minutes work out that can burn more calories than the 45 minute low intensity workout.

Pack you work-time snacks

The unhealthy snacks you eat time to time are biggest culprit of extra weight gain, while on the other end you can lose weight by eating healthy snakes. If you pack you lunch you won’t have to eat food with extra fat and unnecessary calories.


Home gym

If you find it convenient, the home gym can be very helpful for the people who don’t make it to the gym because of their busy schedules; you can then just do the work at home.


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