5 Foods That Is Compulsory For Pregnant Ladies

Pregnant ladies are not single a little soul is in the belly of that lady so she should take care of her  and her baby because in the  simple routine you can do diet and  skip your meal for keeping yourself smart and young but in pregnancy you should not  skip any meal and the things of nutrients because it affects on the life of your fetus .

many ladies are confused about their diet  during pregnancy they take suggestions from their elders  that which things are useful for us during pregnancy .in the pregnancy you should  must use healthy diets and  maintain a chart  for you.

about your pregnancy  is very important so take care of your weight if it is too much less then the lives of you and your baby can be in danger  and if your weight is too much  then it can also create problem  at the time of delivery .

keep your diabetes  at level and minerals in fact you should need more care in the 2 and 3rd trimesters and mostly in the 8th and 9th month  so here I have such 5  diet foods which are good for you during your pregnancy.

Vegetables and fruits:

In the pregnancy you should eat the raw vegetables as just like cucumber, carrot, and beetroot  because in these vegetables vitamin and the calcium is much more  which make your blood and keep you fresh and active keep your blood pressure normal.

because low and high both are  dangerous ion the pregnancy you should eat  the berries, apples, bananas and avocado because all these fruits have vitamin c which are healthy for you and your fetus folic acid is best for health which can  gat from the green leafy vegetables so use of vegetables and fruits much   during your pregnancy period.

Bread and grains:

In the morning you should must use the grains and the breads because grains are best  source of carbohydrate and the potassium  from the different grains like oats, porridge , cereals and pulses   and these things are also good for keeping the quantity of iron and the vitamin b .

if you are not using these all things then  use the corn flakes and oats must  because it is compulsory for you   brown bread is  beneficial for you because it give you   nutrients and iron  and keep your weight control.

Dairy products:

Dairy products have full proteins , calcium and iron  which are good for your bones  if you use the dairy products then you are your baby  will find the string bones and the mussels  with it teeth become strong  normal blood clotting and the nerve system remain  fit and if you skip these things.

then at the time of birth  you  feel much pain in your legs ,backbone and due to it you can limps during  your pregnancy  keep attention toward your dairy diet include the milk ,yogurt , cheese and the  pudding it is good in taste and  keep you fit and your baby will be whiter and reddish.

Eggs and fish:

Eggs are the best  healthy food for everyone whether you are the mother or a child  because in it too much proteins and the  calories are  found which keep you active and fresh in the eggs  too much fats and minerals are  present you should eat one egg in your breakfast and  the soup of egg is also good for the pregnant ladies  eggs are also great source of choline  due to choline your brain and the body  are in the developing process .

fish which is great source of energy in the fish too much proteins  are found which are good for health  fry fish and the boiled fish are healthy for you with  ion the fish vitamin d is much available which keep our lungs and the kidney save  it keeps you save from the swelling of hands and feet ,blood pressure and the urine quantity because  urinary system should be good during pregnancy.

Water and juices:

Water is compulsory  diet for everyone whether you are pregnant or not because  without water we can’t alive in the body a perfect quantity of water must be present  if you  not drink much water then  you become dehydrated  and the symptoms of dehydrated can be dangerous for your health.

As just like you can indulge in the  headache ,anxiety , depression, bad mood , tiredness and the reduce memory and many other  causes of dehydrations  and the different fresh juices are  also use in the pregnancy  as just like  grapes juice , apple , mango and the berries juice  it keep your blood level control.
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