Almond Oil Benefits for Your Skin


the modest almond oil has strong moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It contain minerals and healthy fats, rich in Vitamins A, B, E and D, because of having all these nutrient supplements it is being used in skin products. There are two kinds of almond oil, i.e., Sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil. The sweet one is used for skin.

Let us share some benefits of Almond oil for skin.

Makes you look younger

Vitamin E and fatty acids prevents and reverse the sign of aging that make it capable to renew skin cells. Applying oil directly onto your skin will make your skin younger and fresher.


Healthy skin

Almond oil is one of miracle oil that helps in enhancing the complexion and gives a shine and glow to the skin; it nourishes the skin and makes it softer and smoother.


Almond oil as make up remover

Almond oil works as make up remover; it is less greasy than other make up removers and nourishes skin at the same time. Replace your oily make up remover with almond oil for better skin.

No more impurities and dead skin cells

using almond oil on skin removes all the impurities and give life to the dead skin cells that makes your skin radiant and divine.


Fight acne

Almond oil has elements that dissolve impurities and sebum that cause acne by cleaning pores of skin and also fade away the scars of acne.


Work as moisturizer

Almond oil is less oily and really light therefore it get easily absorbed in our body and moisturize our skin. It also has zinc in it that helps to get rid of cracked skin. Its enchanting fragrance will make you feel blissful.


Almond oil as lip balm

this amazing oil moist your lips and pass on pink colors to your skin.
Make your own almond oil lip balm, just mix some sweet almond oil with honey and preserve it in a jar at cool place. Use it for moisturize lips.


Say bye to wrinkles and fine lines

to get rid of these wrinkles and fine lines just need to massage your skin with bearable warm almond oil. It will provide moisture to the skin and recover it.

Almond oil as sunscreen

Sun’s ultraviolet rays effects our skin, it can cause wrinkles, dullness, sunburn, and skin cancer like diseases. Using almond oil as sun protector can protect our skin from UV rays.


Work on eyelashes

Appliance of almond oil on eye lashes will make them longer and stronger. Apply rich oil on to the eye lashes same like applying mascara with cotton or mascara wand. You can easily do this before sleeping.


Dark circle remover


an accelerated measure to remove dark circles around eyes is massaging it with almond oil.

Removes stretch marks

this oil has astonishing qualities, one of those is it tighten the skin, stimulate blood circulation and helps removing stretch marks.

For stretch marks massage sweet almond oil on skin in small circle motion for 10-15 minutes, do it after taking bath with your finger tips.


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