Benefits of Eating Honey for Skin and Hair

Nectar is considered as the best blessing nature has bestowed to us. It has been utilized all through the history for cures of different sorts. It is a nourishing element for the body and also hair and the skin.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, says Hippocrates.


Here are some amazing benefits of honey for skin and hair.

It moisturizes

Honey Nectar is a humectant, which makes it a viable moisturizer and is often used in the skin and hair care to its moisturizing properties. It draws in water and holds it in the skin, keeping the skin smooth and supple. It also shields the skin from dryness and untimely wrinkles.

Fights infections

Nectar battles infections even underneath the top layer of the skin by unclogging pores and cleaning the polluting influences held up in this layer. The dynamic properties of honey infiltrate the blocked follicle and kill the bacteria which bring about skin inflammation and pimples.

Cure eczema

Manuka honey is known to cure eczema by treating harmed skin and recovering new cells. It is frequently used as a part of the production of creams and balms to cure skin inflammation and other type of dermatitis. It supports the skin’s ability to revive and invigorate exhausted skin layers.

Hair conditioner

Honey is an incredible hair conditioner and softens and smoothens the hair. It enhances the health of the hair follicles and the scalp. Add a teaspoon of honey to your cleanser or use honey without anything else to treat rough hair. Put a plastic cap over the hair for 20-30 minutes to get advantages of honey.

Prevents hair loss

It is a significant lesser known fact that honey can likewise help to male pattern baldness. It contains humectant which prevents balding by keeping the loss of moisture. The high sugar substance of honey carries moisture, which thus keeps up the moisture substance of the hair and strengthens the hair follicles.

Best for dry hair

Excessive exposure to Ultra violet rays of sun and pollution regularly makes the hair lifeless and dry. You can undoubtedly bring back the lost sheen by applying a honey hair cover. Blend 2 tablespoon of honey with some warm water and wash your hair with it before shampooing. You will get brilliant and glossy hair.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Honey works to a great degree well on oily skin that is inclined to breakout because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It absorbs abundance sebum from the skin and decreases the odds of creating skin infections and boils. Blend one teaspoon of more fuller’s earth with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Make a fine paste of every one of these ingredients and apply it on face. Leave it for 20 minutes or till it dries and after that wash it off. It possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties because of the presence of an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide.



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