Benefits of Lemon for Skin

Lemon juice is useful not only for skin whitening but also helps in reducing freckles. Oily skin can also be treated with lemon. There are millions of people around the world with acne problem. They must attest the healing properties of lemon. It proves helpful on both ways by applying directly or by drinking as a beverage but without sugar. People with sensitive skin should test a little amount if it on a small area of their skin before making proper use. It can irritate your delicate skin.


Here we are going to tell you that how can you use lemon juice on your skin without having any side effects. Have a look how it is beneficial to your skin:

Prevents acne:

Lemon is enriched with anti bacterial and antifungal characteristics which makes it suitable for acne treatment and prevention.

Cut the lemon into slices and rub a lemon slice on your face. Leave the juice on your face and wash it after 10-15 minutes. Avoid rubbing near the area of your eyes.

Prevents black heads:

Lemon is also very useful for removing and preventing black heads. Squeeze half of a lemon and add a few drops of honey in it. Mix them and apply on the areas of blackheads. Rinse off with cold water after 10 minutes.

Oily Skin:

There are various ways which you must have been applying on your skin for getting rid of oily skin but lemon juice is best among all the ways. It doesn’t bring down the shine of your skin and also helps you in getting rid of oily skin. It is highly effective. Dip a cotton swab in lemon juice and swipe it on your whole face, except sensitive areas. Apply this treatment before going to bed. Wash in the morning.

Help in lightening dark spots and blemishes:

It is very difficult to get rid of cane scars and marks. They are embarrassing too. Citric acid which is found in lemons is very useful for fading out these blemishes from your face. Apply lemon juice on your face regularly at least once a day. It will tone your skin and all the scars will be faded away. Don’t apply on wounds and cuts on your face.

Reduce aging effects on your skin:

Lemon performs antioxidant action due to Vitamin C in it and exfoliating action due to citric acid. Both of these help in retarding the signs of aging from the skin.

Use a few drops of lemon juice with half tea spoon of honey in a cup of green tea. It is very useful for your skin as well as your heart.


Lemon contains citric acid which makes it a natural exfoliant that acts as a gentle skin peel and removes the upper most layer of dead skin cells. Using it regularly would result in a smooth complexion.

Lemon juice is a natural exfoliant since the citric acid acts as a gentle “skin peel” that removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This will result in a smooth complexion when used regularly.

Lightens the elbows and knees:

Lemon can be rubbed directly in your elbows, hands, knees or foot as the skin of these body parts is sturdier and thicker unlike the skin of your face. Don’t expose your skin to the sun after applying lemon on it. It might have a severe reaction.

Cure chapped lips:

Another very useful utilization of lemon is soothing chapped lips with it. It is an overnight beauty treatment and best exfoliant for lips. Rub the lemon on your lips before sleeping and wash in the morning. It will remove dead skin cells from your lips and make your lips smoother.

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