Different Cake Ideas For Wedding

In the wedding the most interested thing is cake which is made in very beautiful way because in the wedding the people first see your decoration then the decoration of cake because every dish is eaten from the eyes if it is looking good to your eyes  it means it is good but this philosophy is not good for every place  because everything which look good in seeing  it doesn’t mean that is good also in the taste.

The cake making is not any easy job it can make by experts people because in it many things are used but the idea is not except a good baker. The people who are worried for making the cakes they should not be worried because the most beautiful and lovely cake are here which are very delicious and perfect for the classic and the triadinal and modern all the weddings.

On the wedding when cake is cutting you first see the decoration so the decoration should be gorgeous all the people will praise the decoration and the taste of the cake .in the wedding ceremonies mostly white color is used for making the cake because the dress of the bridal is also in the white color and the decoration of the western wedding is much white than the other culture so stay with us and see the cake which are good in seeing and taste.

Pale pink color cake:


For the wedding you can make the pale pink pretty cake  which is embellished in the  chandelier pattern  it is art design on the cake  with the white color pink and white color both are added in the cake  this type of decoration is done in the art  design wedding decoration  the flower which is use on the flowers then you can  use the  royal  style fondant on the cake.

Red and white rose cake:


Full white fondant with the rose and the white color flower is giving your cake a lovely touch with the draping dough in the side of the cake pure white with the vibrant red colors are used so in the  wedding you can use this cake for the remarkable wedding at the top of the cake you can put the groom and brides name to show the great love.

Ruffle style big cake:


On the wedding the most favorite dessert is cake  and the mostly people like to eat the cake  in a much quantity so you can a full size cake  the dress is something like  the pattern of cake  6 to 7 layered cake is very big you can eat and  serve your guest in a large amount the first portion is made up of the ruffle style  the second is embellished style the chandelier style is also used in the cake  with the ruffle style flower on it  it is something like the  vintage cake.

Rustic inspired wedding cake:


Rustic inspired wedding are mostly arranged in the  gardens and those places where brown things are used as just like wood ,sack ,rope and with the brown the white color combination of cake is nice style the three layered cake in the white base with the pink rose and the yellow branches and little flowers are making your cake so tasty and beautiful  this simple and  bouquet style cake is best for rustic areas.

Naked style cake:


All the people don’t  like the  too much cream  they like the fresh and icy cake  so on the wedding you can  make the naked cake which is in the 6 to 7 layers only the cream is layered on the cake don’t cover the whole cake  you can use the different color flowers on the cake  and the use of fruits are also  delicious to make the cake  sweet  it is good for the whimsical themed wedding you can make this cake according to your choice and it is different in taste.


In the gallery you can see more cakes in the gallery which are very delicious and tasty but too much cream is harmful for health you must taste the cake because everything has its own taste and when we see good things we want to eat it.

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