How to Get Enough Iodine in your Diet


What is iodine?

You may have read in your chemistry class, Iodine is a chemical element of the periodic table. Its symbol and I and atomic number is 53.but you need to know more than the physical properties of iodine. You must know what it does in your body and why is it an essential element.

Iodine is a mineral and like many other mineral substances it has its own worth for your health. It is needed not only for the production of your thyroid hormones but also for rest of your body. This mineral is not produced by your body that is why less intake of it can cause its deficiency in your body.

What happens with the deficiency of iodine?

As it contributes in the production of thyroid hormone in your body, its deficiency can lead to the enlargement of the thyroid. This state is called hypothyroidism. It leads to the mental retardation in children whose mothers were having iodine deficiency during pregnancy.

Enlarged thyroid gland is the first symptom of the deficiency of iodine in the body. Its deficiency can also lead to the less tan average IQ level and deceased ability to work and think clearly.

Breast cancer can also be caused due to iodine deficiency.

How to get enough iodine?

Iodine produces thyroid hormones in the body which are responsible for managing the growth and metabolism of the body. You can get caught by fatigue, lethargy, high cholesterol; depression and swelling of thyroid glands of you don’t intake sufficient iodine. You should get the sufficient amount of iodine by eating iodine rich foods if you want to prevent the deficiency.

Organic cheese

Organic cheese is not only rich in iodine but also contains calcium, protein and Vitamin B. cheese made of goat’s milk is easy to digest and one ounce of raw cheese contains around 15 mcg of iodine.


All kinds of berries especially cranberries are rich in iodine. Eat and drink juice of fresh organic berries. Avoid using preserved juice as it contains much sugar. One ounce of cranberry juice contains 100 mcg of iodine.

Green beans

If you feel that you are missing a reasonable amount of iodine in your diet, cook green beans for your next meal. A half cup serving of green beans contain 3 mcg of iodine which is just 2% of the daily iodine required to the body. Green beans are also a rich source if potassium, folate and vitamin C.


If you are suffering from iodine deficiency then a serving of lobster can be a very good way to get iodine for your body. It is a food which is generally reserved for special occasions. One serving of the lobster provides 100 mcg of the iodine which is the 2/3 of the daily requirement.

Canned corn

You can enjoy the corn in many ways such as by adding cream or on the cob or canned. It is rich in iodine. Enjoy a half cup of canned corn ad side dish with your dinner and get lots of benefits. One serving of canned corn provides you with 14 mcg of iodine. It is healthful for a functioning body.


Milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D and iodine. It also contains so many other essential minerals. One glass of milk contains around 112 mcg of iodine which is about 64% of daily human body requirement.


Seafood is usually a huge source of iodine and one of its examples is shrimp. One serving of shrimp contains 35 mcg of iodine which is the quarter of recommended quantity each day. Shrimp is also loaded with other essential minerals such as calcium and protein.

Plain Yogurt

You can enjoy this healthy food at your breakfast. It is rich in calcium and protein and is a great source of iodine. One serving of plain yogurt provides around 60% of the daily requirement.


Bananas are loaded with potassium and are a quick and healthy way to get huge amount of iodine. A medium size banana contains 3 mcg of essential iodine.

Iodine supplements

As the human body does not produce iodine on its own, you can obtain it only from food contents. If you feel you can’t get enough iodine from the diet then you may also use iodine supplements.


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