Good And Bad Effect of Chocolate on Your Health


Do you know someone, who has never taken even a single bite of chocolate? Probable no!

In fact, I am sure the answer is a big NO!

There would definitely be no one who has never tasted it. It is very popular especially among children and youngsters.

Chocolate is good in numerous ways. It tastes well, it can be applied to different favors to bring uniqueness and tastefulness, it is conveniently available anywhere around the world, it has many varieties and it costs less. Besides all these things, chocolates have impacts on health, positive and negative.

Differences on the ideas about chocolates flow in the mainstream of its advantages and disadvantages.


Helps brain in functioning well:

A classic chocolate can definitely renew the soul for it has a chemical called tryptophan that helps the brain to function well and creates a feeling of excitement or elation. Moreover, it has anti-oxidants that can also be found in teas or wines.

Lowes the cholesterol:

Chocolate lowers the cholesterol. Antioxidants come into play here as well. If you eat about an ounce of dark chocolate per day, you can possibly increase good cholesterol and stop bad cholesterol, aka LDL, from oxidizing.

Lowers the blood pressure:

This is where cocoa phenols — phytochemicals (also found in green tea and red wine) that contain plant-derived chemical antioxidants — work their magic. They can help increase blood flow and keep arteries clear. The darker the chocolate, the higher the impact is. So go dark or go home.

Prevents premature aging:

Chocolate Produces Anti-oxidants into the body which is good for preventing premature aging.

Prevents heart problems:

Dark chocolate contains flavanols, which offer antioxidant properties. The antioxidants go after the free radicals in your system that can harm or damage healthy cells. They neutralize the free radicals to help keep cells healthy.

Promotes digestion:

Chocolate also promotes good digestion.

Normalizes the nervous activities:

Current studies proven that it slows down the decline of nervous activities which happens with the age.

Helps in kidney treatment:

It indicates a help for the treatment of kidney stones and anemia.

Prevents clotting of blood:

It prevents the clumping of blood platelets which results in blood clots.

Gives you vitamins:

Give you vitamins. Dark chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, which can aid in preventing stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Makes you happy:

Delightful and sweet taste of chocolate makes you happy.


While chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, has a range of health advantages, there are a variety of disadvantages to eating chocolates, as well. In addition to nutritional issues that can affect your health, chocolate has other risks, especially when eaten in large quantities.

High Calories:

Dark chocolates are high on calories with high fat and sugar and may lead you to obesity and then to high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertention.


You may also become addictive of eating chocolate and as excess of everything is bad, so it may also prove harmful for your health. Chocolate contains addictive content such as caffeine, theobromine and sugar etc. they all result in elevating your moods. It also contains phenethylamine which releases endorphin in the brain.

Causes Migraine:

Chocolate may also lead you to the migraine issue as it contains vasoactive amines. It also contributes in dilating the blood vessels of brain.

Low in Minerals:

You eat chocolate in lieu of healthy snacks which are high in nutrients. They are not a significant source of nutrients and minerals so the chocolate may have an adverse effect on your health.


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