Health Benefits of Honey and Lemon


The honey and lemon are quite popular for the amazing benefits which were discovered thousands of years ago and For A Reason. The outdated home remedies made with fresh juicy lemons and unheated, pure honey is still alive and working great. Lemon and pure honey whether used alone or combined, establishes an inexpensive, compelling and useful ways to provide your body with several health-giving benefits, both inside and out. These two blissful ingredients provide number of benefits and serve the body with healthy and beauty.

Here are some of the wonderful aids that Lemon and honey provides us with.

Helps digestion

Lime and honey when combined, makes a powerful and freaking tasty tonic that helps indigestion, especially after a fat containing meal like greasy meat.

How to make the tonic? All you have to do is mixing 1 teaspoon of unheated, raw honey with the half fresh lemon juice in freshly boiled water.

Let the tonic become drinkable lukewarm, and drink in a go. The fresh juice of lemon helps restore and balance the pH level in the body, provides nutrients such as vitamin C, B and cleanse the liver as well. Lemon also acts as a blood purifier, a cleansing agent and tonic for your liver by helping it produce more bile. Honey is full of nutrients such as vitamin B-6, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc. Organic honey is also used for stomach disorders such as acid reflux and ulcers.

Fights with cold and flu

When you have cold and flu (the twin disease), getting a lot of fluids and eating food rich in Vitamins can helps a lot in boosting immune system and increasing the process of recovery fast. The honey and lemon both contains the vitamins and anti-inflammatory qualities. Honey is best to soothe your throat and fights against the viruses and infecting bacteria. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests drinking hot tea with honey and lemon as a treatment for colds and flu.


Honey’s miraculous properties have been acknowledged. The minor wounds can be healed with honey only and put off the infection. . According to New York University’s Langone Medical Center, “Honey works mainly through its high sugar content, which kills microorganisms.

Weight loss

Lemons contains low calorie and honey is fat-free, the combination of these two can stimulate the process of losing weight and improves the metabolism plus gives energy. According to Northwestern University’s Medill Reports, Dr. Georgina Salgado Chavaz recommends that, “drinking water with lemon or honey for two or three days but says it becomes harmful when taken to extremes. Because honey is gradually absorbed into your bloodstream, your pancreas isn’t stimulated to release elevated levels of insulin due to a sudden rise in glucose, and lemon juice may help regulate insulin spikes. Drinking lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey on a daily basis may help reduce belly fat and obesity.”


Makes skin healthy

The lemon and honey works on your skin from within by purifying the blood it makes the skin glowing and flushed. The water and honey restorative, antibacterial and collagen boosting properties to your skin as well.

Cure Constipation

The warm water with lemon in the morning, helps the digestive system, produces intestinal mucus, makes the colon hydrate and imparts water into dried stool, which is a common reason for constipation. Apart from that, the warm water helps kick start bowel movements, helping in regular and constipation free motions.

Oral health

The acidic quality of lemon combined with the elemental properties of honey and water can help beat bad breath instantly. The lemon cleans your mouth, turn on your salivary glands and killing bacteria. When added to honey and water, it helps wash down bacteria and degraded food that is usually present in your mouth and throat early in the morning.


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