Health Benefits of Mango Fruit

One of the most popular fruit is Mango aka ‘King of Fruits’, it is crowned as best fruit. It is so tasty that people don’t even bother about its health benefits and eat it wholeheartedly. There are so many kinds of mangos as, KEITT, KESAR, MADAME FRANCIQUE, SINDHRI, GLENN, NAM DOK MAI, CHAUNSA, BADAMI, VALENCIA PRIDE and ALPHONSO. Mango has seasonal nature and that makes it the most awaited fruit in most of the countries. It is National fruit of Pakistan, Philippines and India. The best mangos belong to Asia (Pakistan).


Nutrition chart

1 cup of mango 225 gm carry:
105 calories
76 % vitamin C
25 % vitamin A
11%vitamin B6 + other B vitamins
9% healthy Probiotics fiber
9% copper (Copper is a co-factor for many vital enzymes and production of red blood cells)
7% potassium
4% magnesium

Here are some sweet health benefits of Mango.

Reduce risk of kidney stones

In the ‘Chinese Medicine’, mangoes are thought to be very helpful measure for minimizing the chances of kidney stone formation.

Increase Iron and calcium

Mangoes are Royal and the gems are iron and calcium like nutrients. It is a perfect for people who have Enemia, Manopausal. Pregnant women should eat mangoes as it helps in increasing their iron and calcium level and ensure good health.

Clear Skin

Mango is great for skin as well. It is used both internally and externally for clearing clogged pores and to cure acne and pimples. It naturally gives a shine to your skin.

Better eye sight

A cup of mango carries 25% of the daily need of vitamin A which is helpful in promoting good eyesight. Vitamin A provided by mangoes is also helpful in preventing night blindness and dry eyes.

Improves Digestion:

Papayas are famous for containing Enzymes for breaking down protein. There are so many fruits other than papaya including mangoes, which have this quality, The Fiber in the mangoes helps in improving digestion.

Best summer drink

In most of the countries mangoes are grown in summer times, and have the qualities to deal with heat of summer. The mango juice from the green mango mixed with water helps to save you from overheating. According to Ayurvedic, the reason people often get exhausted and Diuretic when they stay in equatorial climates is because of the strong sun energy that burns up your body specifically the muscles. That makes the kidneys overloaded with toxin.

Lowers Cholesterol

The high level of vitamin C, fiber and pectin in the king fruit is helpful in lowering the serum cholesterol level and specially lower the density lipoprotein.

Prevents Cancer

It is been proved by many researches that the antioxidant compounds in mango protect against the Colon, leukemia, breast and Prostate cancers. These compounds include quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methyl gallate, and also the abundant enzymes.

Anti-aging fruit

Mangoes is rich in Vitamin A and vitamin C, they both are helpful to produce collagen proteins in human body. Collagen helps protecting blood vessels and the body’s tissues. That consequently slows down the skins natural aging process. That is why we call mango an anti-aging fruit. Dietary supplementation is the best way to restore your youth in a natural and delicious way.

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