Health Benefits of Pomegranate During Pregnancy


During second and third trimester of your pregnancy you need about 300 extra calories each day. It is an exciting time where you need to choose healthy food. Your body needs a lot of essential nutrients. It is recommended to get these nutrients and extra calories from nutrient-dense foods rather than supplements. Pomegranates are not only delightful and delicious in taste but also capable to provide a number of nutrition and health benefits during this period. Eating pomegranate fruit or drinking the juice is probably safe during pregnancy. Using its extract is best.

Pomegranates are good for your health during pregnancy in a number of ways.

Good for heart health:

Pomegranate is rich in phytochemical compounds which are good for the health of your heart especially during pregnancy. In later pregnancy, it is common to get hypertension which is harmful. Pomegranate helps in lowering and regulating your blood pressure and prevents you from any sort of risk.

Strengthen the immune system:

Pomegranates are excellent for your immune system when your body is engaged in development of a new life when you need all the extra immunity. They are rich in vitamin C.

Make your bones healthy:

Pomegranates are best in giving your developing baby a boost. It has been shown by the studies that eating this fruits leave very healthy effects on the bones of the mother and the child.

Good antioxidants:

Pomegranates are ideal for good health and nutrition during pregnancy as they contain more oxidants than the green tea and the cranberries.

Good for skin:

Pomegranate takes care of your skin during pregnancy. Many skin care products contain its juice. Its oils get absorbed into your skin and reduce dryness from your skin.

Provide extra calories:

To keep your body hydrated you can drink a large amount of pomegranate juice through the day. Staying hydrated is important during pregnancy. One glass of juice contains roughly 140 calories which provides you a healthy percentage of your requirement.

Folate-improves your health

Folate is one of the most important nutrients which are required to your body. It plays a vital role in the health improvement of you and your baby. One serving of this fruit provides you with around 50mg of folate. During pregnancy your body requires about 600mg of folate per day.

Vitamin K-helps normal blood clotting:

Pomegranate is enriched in vitamin K. One serving of pomegranate juice contains 26 micrograms of vitamin K while your body requires 90 microgram of vitamin K during pregnancy. It strengthens your bones as well as of your baby. Normal process of blood clotting is also dependent on this nutrient.

Potassium-saves you from cramps:

Each serving of pomegranate provides you with around 500mg of potassium. It is another important nutrient at the time of your pregnancy. Your body needs around 4700mg of potassium during a day.

Pans and cramps are very common during your pregnancy. High potassium intake prevents you from this trouble. Pomegranate also promotes proper functioning of your nerves and muscles.

There is rise in blood content of your body when you become pregnant. Potassium will help properly influence the required fluid levels in your body.

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