Junk Food Harmful Side Effects for Your Health:

It is yummy to have it every time and everywhere. 98% of the people got watering up their mouths seeing or thinking the junk food. Junk foods do have little more nutritional values and also carries salt, sugar and calories. Junk food affect, damaging our body inside structure. You need to control your craving for the junk food. Junk food actually lacks the fiber contents and also and carries metabolism in it. There are many disease do occurs due to getting junk food addiction.

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High blood pressure problems:

The high blood pressure problems occur when any of you got too much addict of junk food. The person who is having junk food 4 -5 times in a week, that may be at the risk of having a high blood pressure problem. Because it affect the sugar and salt level in your body, and cause the high blood pressure problems. It carries higher level of sodium in to it, as high amount sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure. Over weight can also makes you the patient of high blood pressure.


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Cholesterol problem:

Huge levels of calories are there in the junk food. The higher the level of calories you have the higher the risk of cholesterol you are going to face on. First of all cholesterol do takes place in to the liver because of it is metabolized in to the liver. Blocking of the arteries and also creates the risk of coronary arteries, which do reacts the increased level of cholesterol.

Weight gaining:

Junk food is having a main purpose of increasing the weight. It contains a huge level of calories, which may results in fatty and bulkiness to every one’s body. High level of sugar make you feel putting weight on you. If you are too thin, then go on for junk food. Junk food just contains a lot of fat, sugar, salt and sodium, which surely makes you fat. A soda contains 250 calories in per glass, which also makes you bulky one. Junk food makes you lazy which also affects your figure.


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A lot of sugar is being used in to the junk food, especially in soda, Coke caries a huge amount of sugar in to it which badly affects your teeth.

Heart problems:

Due to higher level of cholesterol, when the contraction of the arteries takes place the volume of the risk of heart problem do occurs. This also causes the heart attack. 80 per of the people got trapped in to the heart problems after the age of 45, who are having an extreme level of junk foods.

Peptic ulcer:

Peptic ulcer takes place. It takes place at the stomach side. This kind of a problem is acidic and painful and literally unbearable.


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Cause kidney disease:

The salt from the junk food effects your kidney functioning, which may cause in urine problem, kidney cancer etc.

Increasing risk of cancer:

Junk food processed high level of calories and low level of fibers in it, which may creates the risk of cancer. Eating lot of oil may create a risk of prostate cancer, which may result badly to health, because cancer directly concerns towards death.


58% is the chance of having depression problem after having junk food. The more you are going for junk food, the more depressive you are going to be. Junk food increases the utility level of itself, which may cause the problem of depression. It reduces your learning power and also reduces down your IQ level.

Type 2 diabetes:

Diabetes is of tow types. It is 1 type and 2type diabetes. When you eat a healthy diet, your body gets a steady supply of glucose; this glucose increases the level of insulin, which may cause in the type 2 diabetes.


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