List of Healthy Foods to Eat During Summer:


Summer appears to totally drain us with the rising temperature, everyday. Aside from drinking a considerable measure of water, it is vital to take diet which is healthy and cooling in summer season. In such atmosphere the vast majority of us feel hydrated and low on energy. Here is the rundown of best cooling foods for summer.



With regards to the fruits, watermelon helps you to stay cool as it has substantial amount of water in it. On the off chance that you need to stay away from the danger of looseness of the bowels and other stomach issues then abstain from purchasing chopped watermelon from the sellers on roadsides. Bring it to home, make it cool and eat heaps of this heavenly natural food. It contains cancer-fighting antioxidants like Vitamin C and lycopene.


Cucumber is another food that helps you to stay cool during summer. It is a food which costs very low and has bunches of fiber in it. Eating cucumber in summer is exceptionally healthful.



Pineapple is immaculate element for summer. Its juice is extremely delightful. It contains the proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which helps in the processing of protein and blood clump arrangement. It helps in decreasing swelling and leveling stomach.



Utilization of lime water is exceptionally refreshing in summer. additionally, it is has numerous medical advantages. It is helpful for skin. You can get lime water ready with salt, sugar or pepper as per your taste. Take chilled lime water and beat your warmth.



Corn provides vitamin B to lessening stress level. It is a food with pantothenic acid. You can eat corn in any form either roasted or boiled. It brings down cholesterol level in the body. Individuals put more weight on in summer season. It helps in weight control and oversees blood pressure level in body.



Coconut has superb cooling properties. It is an economical nourishment with numerous medical advantages. It has such a large number of minerals which keep the body very much hydrated. It has anti-aging and cancer fighting contents as well.



Yogurt is a delicious and highly refreshing coolant. You can make tasty whey of yogurt which leaves extremely invigorating impact on body and extinguish your thirst. in addition, fruits can likewise be arranged with yogurt in summer. Yogurt in blend with fruits gives a heavenly taste and cooling effect.



Mint is an inexpensive herb which you can get effortlessly from market. You can make mint sauce and utilize it with your meals. Use it in juices. It has a refreshing taste and it helps in bringing the temperature of the body down. The best thing about mint is, you can grow it in your little indoor greenery enclosures.

Prepare one glass of strained mint water and include two drops of lemon juice in it. It works magnificently. It helps digestion system and cleans your liver.



Blackberries are rich in fiber and phytochemicals, including intense flavonoids and anthocyanins, which excretes toxins of your digestive framework. A bowl of blackberries contain just 124 calories. Blackberries have fresh taste and gives cooling effect to the body in summer.



As the body gets dehydrated in summer season and it needs energy, juices help a great deal in keeping up balance of fluids in the body. Utilizing juices as a part of summer is very valuable, especially for kids in light of the fact that the glucose level goes down in hot days of summer.

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