Radish Benefits for Weight Loss

Among vegetables, radish is one which comes with huge health benefits because it contains important nutrients in heavy amount such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, phosphorus, iron, calcium etc. Moreover, radish contains large amount of ascorbic acid which helps in increasing apetite. It may not be one of your favorite vegetables but is of utmost importance in context of health. People often eat raw radish as salad or sometimes add them to their vegetable recipes.


Use of radish helps in removal of chemicals from the body and burns body fats. After winters, when our body requires lots of vitamins, radish may help in overcoming the deficiency. Radish is also consumed to prevent atherosclerosis and vascular diseases.

Radish benefits for weight loss:

Radish helps in weight loss as it is very low in calories. It can be a part of any weight loss diet. Fiber presents in radish which provide the satiety without adding more calories in diet.

Besides eating radish, you can also use the leaves of this vegetable in order to lose your weight. You may use it by mixing with cheese and eggs.

Replacing radish with some of your daily diet which may be high in calories or fats may help you in losing your weight. Regular use of radish makes prominent loss in your weight. Radish can be filling despite being low in calories and fats. Use of radish reduces your calorie intake, naturally.

Radish is a low calorie vegetable which contains only 15 calories per 100 grams. Eat radish in any form, the whole season. You will find that you can easily reduce 3-4 kg a month. It makes your health good as well.

Radish helps you in reducing cholesterol level in your body and increases fiber intake which helps you in losing weight.

Those foods which have high glycemic index are digested quickly and make increase in blood sugar level after you digest the food. Glycemic index of a food decides how long it will take to break down and digest dhe food in the body. Radish is a vegetable with low glycemic index.

A few simple Radish recipes:

Radish and Carrots:

Cut both the vegetables into strips

Add some lemon and vegetable oil.

Add an apple of sour-sweet varieties

Radish and Basil:

Cut the radish into slices and put the slices into a bowl.

Wash some basil leaves and chop them.

Now add basil in slices radish.

Add some olive oil and lemon.

You can also eat it as your breakfast. Avoid eating bad foods if you want to reduce your weight.

White radish and garden radish:

Chop all the vegetables.

Add some salt and sprinkle olive oil.

Some other benefits of radish:

Radish helps you in getting rid from constipation

Radish is also good for your hair, nails, nerves, teeth and gums.

It is good for diabetics and asthma patients.

It lowers cancer risk, regulates blood pressure and beats cold and cough.

Use of radish helps you in looking younger.

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