Say No to Soda & say Yes to Healthy Drinks


Soda is something easily available and consumed by most of the people almost every day, people are even addicted to the soda. THIS make it more valuable to KNOW the reasons soda is fatal for human health and totally worthless for your body. Sugary sodas contribute to obesity and diabetes like diseases that are root to so many other ailments and health disorders.

While on the other hand there are drinks that are rich and total blessing from the Creator, simple fruit and vegetable juices are capable of doing wonder for your body skin and mind.

Find out the REASONS you need to quit soda and start drinking Healthy drinks.

No healthy Nutrients VS healthy Nutrients

Studies have revealed that soda causes many health problems. There are no healthy nutrients found in the soda that can give your body any good. It is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup that causes Obesity, contains the sugar that causes Type 2 diabetes and calories.

Gans says. “It has absolutely no nutritional value. Soda is filled with sugar and calories and nothing else.” It is also found that even Diet soda is no good to health.

While there are drinks like fruit juices, plan water, mike and mike made drinks that are highly rich and contains all the nutrients and minerals our body need to stay in good health and active mood. The fruit juices provide us with vitamins and minerals while the milk fulfills the calcium and potassium needs of the body.

Weak bones VS Strong bones

The health specialists are anxious about the people who love drinking soda but don’t drink milk and other healthy drinks and juices, because doing this makes their bones wrecked and raw, inflammation and sprain of muscles becomes easy in this case. The Soda waters contains phosphorous and Caffeine that can make a lot of bone of health problems.

On the other end, we have a choice to drink milk, if not there are so many delightful drinks that are made with milk, fruits and veggies that can help a load in making stronger bones and muscles. Anyone who doesn’t want to become miserable must drink milk and healthy drinks.

Bad teeth VS Good teeth

The sugar in the soda makes coats on your tooth that combines with the bacteria in your mouth to make Acid. This acid then starts the process to weaken the Tooth enamel and cause tooth decay and cavities. Both the diet and regular contains carbolic acid.

Again, there are contrary drinks that make your teeth stronger and healthier. Drink fluoridated tap water and plain milk instead of soda and soft drinks.

A list to “Healthy drinks” is given below.

Green Tea: Calories: 0

Mint Tea: Calories: 0

Reduced-Fat Milk: Calories: 120 for 8 ounces

Soy Milk: Calories: 81 for 8 ounces

Hot Chocolate: Calories: 195 for 8 ounces

Low-Sodium Tomato Juice: Calories: 31 for 6 ounces

Cranberry Juice: Calories: 140 for 8 ounces

Orange Juice: Calories: 115 for 8 ounces

…And many more.

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