Side Effects of Eating Cake

Cake is the most popular dessert of all times. When it comes to celebrating, nothing completes the occasion like a rich, perfectly sweet slice of cake. Cakes are being eaten all around the world and even people of every age group like it.


Cake may satisfy your taste buds for a very short period of time, but the side effects of eating cakes are long lasting and even in some cases they everlasting when the diseases caused by eating too much sugar lead you to death.

Cake is a high calorie dessert which surely causes harmful effects on your health. It may affect the proper functioning of your body through diabetes, obesity and other giant problems.

More unsafe types of cakes:

A few types of cakes are more unsafe. Following are the types of those cakes:

Colored cakes:

Colored cakes are unsafe due to the coloring agents used in them.

Space cakes:

Space cakes contain marijuana which makes them unsafe.

Lazy cakes:

Lazy cake is the type of cakes which make a person sedative.

Velvet cakes:

Velvet cakes are unsafe due to the dyes been used in it.

Side Effects of Eating Cakes:

Trail down to know about the various side effects caused by eating this sweet delight.

Putting weight on:

Cakes are rich in fats and carbohydrates and so they make you put on weight. Obesity takes you to other serious health problems like blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

Lowered immunity:

A study shows that people with high sugar intake get their while blood cells reduced in their body and so the immunity against diseases deceases.

Increased blood glucose level:

High level of blood sugar is dangerous for health. Eating cakes lead you to this condition and you may become diabetic on a long run. Eventually the affected person has to stay away from all the sugary items. They need to take medicines every day which may lead to kidney problems and other adverse effects.

High blood cholesterol level:

Butter and margarine are used in cakes. These contents rise blood cholesterol level in the body.

High Blood pressure:

Eating cakes very much make the heart work harder and causes increased blood pressure.

Mood swings:

Some cakes which contain marijuana, such as space cakes, cause psychoactive effects which are highly undesirable and cause troubles to you as well as to others who are connected to you. For example anxiety, excitement, mood lifting etc.

Digestion problem:

In velvet cakes, dyes are used in order to give different colors to the cake. These dyes can cause digestion problem in your body. Some people even may be allergic to it.


Some types of cakes, such as lazy cakes, may cause sleepiness, dizziness, weakness and numbness.

Effect on memory:

People must be very careful while eating cakes, especially those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. People are usually careful while eating cakes because of sugar, only. But some studies indicate that the oil and the butter used in cakes also cause problem. Those who eat more cake, their memory get affected.

When it comes to the cakes, you should go for the healthier options such as almond cake, honey cake, fruit cake etc to reduce harmful side effects.

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