5 Easy Ways To Deal With Headache At Home

Headache is considered as common type of thing in human beings. It can be felt due to any reason; you can be dehydrated or may have some sort of stress and tension in your mind that is making you restless.

Some people like to pain simple painkiller to get rid of headache. But let me tell you something that painkiller might get you relief instantly but it can weaken your immunity against headache and number of diseases. You might feel more headaches when you get addicted to take painkiller for even small pain.

We have elected out some of home remedies to treat out headache in small time with little bit of things. Each and everything can be found easily in your home. Just stay tuned to have full idea to cure headache.


You may feel headache if you are dehydrated. Take a glass of water and even continue to take sips all the day long. You may also go for sports drink because it have electrolysis in it that can cure headache occurred from stress and dehydration.

Ice pack:

Placing icepack on your head will help you to shrink blood vessels and get relief headache. You have noticed that whenever we feel pain in our head or eyes, ice pack will help us in relieving pain and give us comfort.

 Applying hot water on back:

Hot water on back will result in relieving tension and thus you will feel comfort against headache and even backache. When you are tensed, you will also feel intense pain in your back side of neck along with head.

Lemon for headache:

Lemon has relaxing and calming properties. It can help in relieving stress if you take a cup of warm water along with lemon juice in it.

Ginger tea:

Ginger has some inflammatory properties which have healing effects too. Try to take ginger tea for 2 times a day and it will help in relieving tension and stress and thus make your headache feel better.

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