5 Foot Tricks you Must Learn


Foot is an amazing collection of bones, muscles, tissues and joint and possess a very vital position in your everyday life. If you go down in thinking you will find that you owe so much to your feet as they help you doing all of your routine life activities such as standing, walking, running, jumping, sprinting and many more other. By working so hard, they may get some set of problems which are important to treat carefully.

Here are a few tricks that you must learn in order to take care of your feet and other things associated with your feet health:

Instant massage with tennis ball

Massaging your feet the help of tennis a tennis ball requires no time and money and it makes your foot muscles quite relaxed. Here is how you have to do the massage:

Put the ball on the floor and rub on the sole of your feet by applying some pressure. It makes you feel amazingly relaxed.

Buy right pair of socks

You must be thinking how the socks may affect your feet but you must believe that that there are socks which have specially been designed to serve particular purpose. You must choose right socks for you next time you go for shopping. There are antibacterial socks which help in eliminating foot odor. Anti-friction socks are also available which help in combating graze wounds and blisters on your feet. Some socks come with special padding in specific areas, such as the toe and heel areas while others provide addition stretching material and help on supporting the arch of your foot.

Keep your feet stick out from your blanket

Here is another amazing tip you must follow. Sticking your foot out from your blanket helps in promoting your sleep by dropping your body temperature and hence it contributes in induced sleep and after you sleep deep, your body temperature reduces even more. It has been shown through studies that increases body temperature hinders sound sleep as it makes you mentally as well as physically active.

Coffee is an example of rising body temperature and so inhibiting your sleep. Anything which cools you down before sleeping will help you sleep better.

There are countless special blood vessels in the body that transport blood to the veins which are local right below the surface of the skin. When you expose your feet outside of your blanket the blood in your foot cools down and then cools down your entire body and helps you sleeping a sound sleep.

Make use of deodorant or petroleum jelly under your feet

Petroleum jelly or deodorant acts as a soothing agent to the abrasive action of the innersole of your shoes, especially your heels may leave your hells with blisters. The deodorant or petroleum jelly reduces the friction in the inner sole of the shoes and prevent it from grazing your feet.

Petroleum jelly is always best to heal your feet but too much use of it may affect the grip of your feet on your shoes.

Scrub your soles with nail file to exfoliate the hard edges which may cause further irritation and can aggravate your skin when you wear your shoes.

Don’t buy your shoes in the morning

Buy your shoes in late afternoon or evening so that they may fit better. Buying them early in the morning may cause fitting problems because your feet have not faced much exertion from walking which generate heat and expand feet. So, if you have to buy a pair of shoes, prefer evening hours so that you may not have to face any difficulty, later.

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