5 Things to Do Before You Leave Your Job

If they thought of quitting your job is the most relieving thought you have right now, this is probably the time to quit your job. It is obvious that you can’t just decide and quit your job, there is a lot to be done to make this period smooth and easy as well as the future. Once you figure this out that you are not going to work at your current place of work, start finding another job, revise your CV, collect the important data linked to you from the office; make sure give a prior notice to the authorities before quitting.


There is some of must-to-do before you leave your job.

The Exit plan

Planning may not sound EXCITING but it is crucial that you make an exit plan to make sure that you will be able to get the entire task done before leaving. The following should be included in the exit plan:

  • Who will be continuing your uncompleted projects, and what is the necessary information they will be in need, don’t let even a small thing slide and make pace for new project holder.
  • When will you forward the project to the new owner, ideally all these changes should occur at least 1 week before you leave office so that you will have only a little bit of buffer.
  • What are the particular pending tasks you will have to do before leaving the company and how much time will be required for each task.
  • Be sure the administrative steps of quitting the job will be done comfortably; they normally take more than we think.

Have a future plan

Quitting a job is a big step even when it is not a very mush rewarding job, you will still abandon a source of income, a source of money that you use for your necessities. It is no less than breaking up a relationship with an organization you will have a lot to think about, how you are going to quit do you necessarily have to quit? What are you going to do after this job for making money? Do you have a job on standby or another opportunity is coming on the way. You might feel stressed out in this situation and that’s natural. And if you have a PLAN you will feel less stressed.

Clear your space before leaving

This is time you have clear up the space for the upcoming employee. That is not something necessary but doing it will increase you credibility as a person. And think about the chores of cleaning up other’s left over mess, that’s the worst thing. Make your desk ready for the new hire, label all the files, get rid of unnecessary materials and get things out what belongs to you.

Finish the to-do-list

There are things that you keep on delaying in your to-do-list. Well this is the time you do it because you will not have any other chance to do and you don’t have to leave anything undone.

Exit interview

Well this is another important thing you will have to go through. In an exit interview you will have to explain your reasons to quit (not whining). You can simply say you have been accepted anywhere else and you are more willing to do that work. You might get a counter offer for not leaving the job. So be sure what you are up to. Give feedback, and take feedback that can help you improving your professional skills. Leave the office with positive attitude.


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