6 Poison-Free Ways to Get Rid of Mice


Mice are dainty little beats but their cuteness can never urge use to let them share out home with them. They spread diseases through their urine and feces which may cause excessive damage. They bite and it also causes some disorders which may sometimes even be possible to be life threatening.

Here are 6 natural and Poison-free methods you can adopt to get rid of these little monsters:

Peppermint Oil:

We find the smell of peppermint pleasant, delightful, refreshing and tangy while mice find it offensive. They have got acute sense of smell. Using peppermint oil is one of the best remedies you can opt to get rid of mice. You just need to have cotton balls and peppermint oil. Simply ad peppermint oil to each of the cotton balls and lay them strategically around your home. When you find that the smell has been faded away, refresh them by adding more essential oil to them. Other essential oils may also prove helpful in this regard.


Cloves bring out the memories of warm holidays and tucked up and cushy nights by the fire for us, but for mice the smell of cloves id quite distasteful and offensive. The smell irritates them too much. You can use the clove essential oil on the cotton balls and put them around your home. Whole cloves can also be used. But we would recommend you to use clove essential oil as it has stronger effect.

Aluminum Foil:

When you find the holes from where the mice are breaking in your, simply wad up some foil and jam it in the holes, firmly. Biting a piece of aluminum foil brings goose bumps. You don’t even like thinking about the sensation on biting it. You will definitely get success by using this simple way to keep the mice away.

Its use is quite simple. Just cover the area with the foil, where you find mice droppings. It is very obvious that the entire home cannot be covered. Cover only those areas where you find them breaking in. lay the foil at night before going to the bed and fold up in the morning.

Let the cat do what comes naturally:

If you are finding a way to get rid of mice by using some natural method, must consider a cat. If you have pest problem, a cat is your best friend. Pets always hold a place like a family member so it’s a side advantage for you to have an addition in the list of your friends. Just go to a nearest animal shelter and buy yourself a fury cat. You may keep it indoor or outdoor. As cats are used to hunting so they can find their own food just by tracking down the mice and other pests.


Mice hate the pungent smell of the onions. The remedy of using onions for getting rid of mice can be little bit tricky and you need to be careful while using it because if they are left for several days, they can become rotten. Besides they are toxic to some animals and can harm your pets.

Pungent and stingy smell of onions make mice run in other direction. Make sure your pets can’t reach it. And place a new one each day or the other day.

Plaster of Paris and Cocoa Powder:

This is also one f the most effective remedies to get mice out of your home. All you have to do is to take cocoa powder and mix it with plaster of Paris. You can also use chocolate milk powder in place of cocoa powder. Set the mixture on the places where mice are frequently found. The smell attracts the mice when they eat it, they run away.


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