Amazing Ideas what to do this Weekend

The weekend is here and you have no plans at all, do you want to just waste it? No. right? We all wait for weekends but usually spend it sleeping or watching television sitting in our bed or couch wearing those pajamas which is unfair. Weekend should be spending like a real HOLYDAY. There are so many fun things you can do on a weekend and you don’t have to put extra money in it.


Here are some amazing ideas for weekends, pick one things and enjoy loads.

Meet an old friend

Old friends are the real treasure of our lives; they are old as they deserved to stay in y our life. Meeting up with an old friend can turn into great fun, you will open the book of old memories and endless conversation will consume the time. Moreover, you can do so much with a friend like sharing problems, plan a road trip, watch movie and so on.

A picnic

A picnic on Sunday morning or evening is just perfect. You can have a theme picnic. Select a theme, dress up accordingly, get the food (Club sandwiches, drinks), a clean mat and here you go. This is the best way to have a pure Family time.

Visit a place in your city you haven’t seen yet

Have you been to all the famous places in your own city? If not this is the time to visit one you have not seen yet. It can be a zoo, water park, a museum an amusement park, a land mark, or a hill station. Pick one place and discover it.

Bake a pizza

Cooking or baking can be great fun plus you get to know your cooking skills. Bake a cake, pizza, cup cakes or simply bread. Cook a good food for yourself and your family, set the table and have a good lunch time.


Cinema or theater 

If you are too bored and nothing is making sense, match a movie or a play. It can be very entertaining; it can be more fun if you go with your friends or family.

Meet your neighbors

Do you know who your neighbors are? If no, make this Sunday special by meeting up with your next door neighbors. If you feel awkward to visit someone you don’t know and haven’t make a prior call to meet, cook something you are good at, and take it to your neighbors. It will help in building a warm relationship and your weekend will become a happy one.

Photo shot

Do photo-shot with your DSLR or the camera you have, take print outs and design your photo album. You can do a family’s photo shot or with friends.

A DYE project

A Dye project! Sounds so much exciting make a pinned project and showcase it. There is so much you can try today.



Volunteering is a source of happiness for you and for whom you are doing it. Give hand for some charity work.

Read a good Book

Read a real good book is worth your time. Go to a local library, or pick one from your home’s book shelf.

Learn something new

Learn something new, it is will be most productive thing to do. Learn a skill, language, Yoga, or anything you don’t know.

Rearrange a room

Scan your room thoroughly and see which room needs to be rearranges or you want to rearrange. And start making pleasing change.



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