Benefits of Wearing Hijab in Islam


Quran is the holy scripture of Muslims which orders Muslim men and women to dress and behave in a modest manner. Muslim women are especially and specifically are asked to keep their head cover while in the presence of a potentially marriageable men, called as non-mehram.

It is stated in Quran, They (the believing women) should draw their head coverings over their bosoms…”

[surah Al-Noor 24:31]

It is also said by Allah s.w.t in Quran, “O Prophet [PBUH] Tell thy wives and daughters and the believing women that they should put on their outer garments; that is most convenient in order that THEY MAY BE RECOGNIZED (as Muslims) and not be molested.”

[Surah Al-Ahzab 33:59]

Benefits of wearing Hijab:

Hijab is a religious covering worn by Muslim women which generally hides the neck and hair of them. It also has a veil to cover the face. Most of the Muslim women wear Hijab. Wearing Hijab offers a number of benefits some of which are being published in this writing:

Adds into the prestige of a women

Covering her head is a sign of respect and prestige for a Muslim woman. It is not the sign of oppression, domination or disgrace. It is instructed by Allah who is neither a man not a woman and so He Almighty can’t discriminate among them, against the women which is a part of His creation.

It is a sign of dignity

If a woman covers her head it increases her dignity and purity.’ Hijab shows that Muslim women are more dignified and pure. Hijab set them apart from the immoral behaviors and attitudes associated with women who dress immodestly.

A fine line between the woman and evil of the world

Hijab provides a fine line and a limitation for all the evil exists in this world. They can’t access a woman with Hijab and she is less likely to be harassed by other gender individuals with lusty motives. It is less likely to be exploited for her charm and feminity if she wears Hijab.

Allows the women to move outside with protection

Hijab helps women in gong outside her home for performing the tasks she has set out to do. Hijab keeps her protected and secured even if she is not within the walls of her house. She is not concerned if men find her attractive, or if people are impressed because she has the latest fashions, or the newest hairstyle. Hijab gives her self confidence and raises her self esteem.

Helps in get her intellect focused rather than her beauty

Hijab also helps a woman by making other people compelled, especially the makes to go past the looks and beauty of the woman and focus on her intellect. This way the worlds assess a woman for her mind and intelligence rather than the physical traits she possesses.

Eliminates competition amongst women

Individuals in western countries are extremely understood for relinquishing wellbeing and money related reserve funds in order to have costly plastic surgery with a point of meeting unrealistic standards of magnificence. Be that as it may, through wearing a hijab, Muslim ladies can go about their ordinary obligations without agonizing over inspiring other individuals.

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