How to Fight the Habit of too Much Sleeping

If you are sleeping too much that mean you are not being as productive as much you should be, sleeping too much consumes your precious time and it is also not a healthy habit, it can upset your digestive system, causes obesity and decreases your life. In the same way as lack of sleep destroys your health, excessive sleep interferes in your normal body functions and makes you sick. Other than health disorders your daily life and routine is also affected by this bad habit. When you sleep more than 8 hours, that mean you are probably late for work/school, and if you sleep in day light your social relations become weak and you are less likely to enjoy life.


To break the habit of excessive sleeping read the following steps:

Know how dangerous it is

Increased risk of death:

The result of 16 different studies showed excessive-sleeping and lack of sleep both increase the risk of death by 1.3-times, among the 1,382,999 various study participants.

Pregnancy issues:

A Korean research team took 650 women under observation, the found that, “pregnancy rates were highest among the women who got seven to eight hours of sleep a night and lowest in women who got nine to 11 hours.”


Another research revealed that short and long sleepers gained more weight over the six years period than people who slept 7 -8 hours a night. People who slept 9 to 10 hours every night were 25% more chances to have gained 5kg over the study period, even if they controlled diet and did exercise.

Make a strict routine

In order to achieve the goal of “not sleeping too much” you got to fix your sleep routine. Make a routine of sleeping early and so that you can wake up early, this will help you get a sound sleep of 8 hours and also help in preventing day time sleep which adds in your sleep. People who sleep early and wake up early usually don’t feel sleepy whole day and spend their day actively and live a better life. After you have set up your routine, stick to it.

Sleep in cycle

Sleeping in cycle is helpful in having a normal sleep time. When you wake up and sleep on fixed times you it becomes your habit and afterwards even if you try to stay awake or sleep more than the time duration you currently sleep your mind will give you signal to sleep and you will feel sleepy. So make a sleep cycle of exact 8 hours. You can set the alarm to remind yourself to sleep.

Before sleep rituals

Before you go to bed you shouldn’t use any electronics and the turn off your phone as well.

  • Don’t use phone and laptop before sleep.
  • Make sure to have dinner 2 hours before you sleep every day.
  • Pray before going to sleep.
  • Drink a glass of water.

Use Alarm clock

Set alarm to wake up to avoid excessive sleep. If you are prone to not wake up from single alarm set 2-3 alarms with 5 minutes gap you will wake from more than one alarm.

Place alarm clock at distance

People who are habitual to sleep too much they just don’t wake up from alarm as the snooze it off in their sleep, place your alarm out of reach, place it in the other corner of the room so your hand cannot reach it.

Exercise as you wake up

Make a healthy habit of waking up early and exercising. This builds a healthy body and mind that make helps you sleep well.

Don’t eat heavy meals

Heavy meals are not good for any and so for you. Don’t eat piles of food before going to bed.

No caffeine before bed

Don’t drink too much coffee, at least not a strong cup in the morning and before sleep. The decent and healthy way to drink coffee is drinking 3 light cup of coffee throughout the day.

Have something to look forward

Make a life goal and wake up every day to move forward to achieve it.

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