How to Get Rid of Insects Naturally


If you want to get rid of insects within the surroundings of your home and garden, you don’t need to use harmful chemicals and toxic pesticides. You can use natural means to kill insects and keep them away from your home and garden. Here we are providing you with natural insect control solutions which are very effective as well as safe because they don’t contain chemical ingredients.

Getting rid of Flies:

  • Use stinky fly trap to capture outdoor flies. This way you can keep your home clean from flies.
  • Another way to keep your home from inside is using indoor fly traps and flying insect killers that safely manage insects inside your home
  • Scattering fly parasites outside your home may also prove very helpful in getting rid of flies.

Getting rid of mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes are very harmful insects which cause dengue and malaria fever which may sometimes cause death. Use the following tips to control mosquitoes:

  • Use Organic Mosquito Fogger or mosquito & Tick killer to reduce the number of mosquitoes at and around your home.
  • Use natural insect repellents whenever possible.
  • Adding mosquito dunks to stagnant water may also prove very helpful in order to kill larva.

Getting rid of Cockroaches:

Cockroaches can be killed by:

  • Using glue traps to detect the population of cockroaches and the areas where the hide themselves.
  • Applying diatomaceous earth and least toxic boric acid to those areas,.
  • “Don’t bug me” which is made by chrysanthemum flowers is a very effective insect killer.

Getting rid of ants:

To kill ants:

  • Apply tangle foot pest barrier to all the places where they crawl.
  • You can also use orange guard and boric acid to kill and control ants without using harmful chemicals.

Getting rid of bed bugs:

  • If you find bed bugs in your home, must wash your bed linens and clean your mattress,.
  • Apply an effective bug killer to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Getting rid of fleas:

  • Detect the areas of your home where fleas are found most frequently. Apply flea stoppers powder on your carpet.
  • Flea traps can are also found very helpful in controlling fleas without using toxic chemicals.
  • Yu can also protect your pets with herbal flea collars which are effective for the period of more than 3 month and a little bit more.

Getting rid of yellow jackets:

  • Find the nest opening where the yellow jackets live. Find it at the time when they are least active.
  • Spray wasp & hornet killer in the opening.
  • If you don’t find the nests the hang disposable trap prior to outdoor activities.

Getting rid of Spiders:

  • In order to control and kill spiders place insect trap in your room. It will rap a large number of spiders.
  • If they increase in number and become uncontrollable, apply diatomaceous earth to kill them

Getting rid of slugs and snails:

  • Try slug trap inside your home and apply sluggo bait outside, in the surroundings of your home and garden
  • Diatomaceous earth is a very popular insect killer. Scatter it in your garden to keep your plants safe from slugs and snails.



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