Healthy Benefits of Going Barefoot


Walking barefoot is a healthy practice which reawakens a natural stride in your body when we get out feet touching the ground. When you walk barefooted, it puts less impact on your joints as compared to when you walk in shoes. It reawakes the muscles that have been atrophied in your shoes. It also reawakes the nerve endings and out body balancing system. Also, it stimulates the reflexology points on the bottom of our feet and gets anti-inflammatory benefits through the ground. It all shows that you get a stronger body, painless joints and bones, more mobility, better posture, greater health and much freedom. When we get rid of pain in our feet, legs, knees, hips and back, we are no longer in pain. Your body feels like you are younger and stronger. The mind becomes sharper and you attain better focus. In short, going barefoot brings countless advantages to you. You can go through some of those in the following publication:

Better Blood Circulation:

Walking barefoot not just wakes up your muscles of your foot and legs which have been dormant for a long time but also get a better blood flow in whole body especially in mentioned body organs. Blood flow is inversely proportion to the body aches and strains. It means when you have increased blood circulation, you get less aches. It also leads to less varicose veins and keep your feet warmer even in cold.

Decreased Blood Pressure:

Walking barefoot possesses a great significance for those who are confronting the problem of high blood pressure as it lowers your blood pressure level. The reason behind lowering the blood pressure is the stimulation to the nerves which exist on the bottom of your feet. Through barefoot walk you can get the stress and inflammation decreased in your body.


It has been shown through studies that going barefoot gives reflexology benefit by stimulating the soles of your feet. Reflexology is the process in which nerves in the lower surface of your feet are stimulated which as a result stimulates your immunity, reduces inflammation and pain, decreases blood pressure, minimizes stress and depression and stimulate other healing processes in your body.

Greater Strength:

Walking barefoot provides you more strength and enhances the support and balance in your body.

You Can Get Baby Feet Again:

Those cute, soft and chubby feet, you had as a baby can be returned to you. Because of spending too many years in shoes, the fat beneath your feet has gone away. When you go barefoot, the earth stimulates your feet and fat that you have lost starts to return.

Batter Posture:

Without shoes you stand in and better posture. Feeling earth makes you aware of your body posture and you feel your muscles firing. You stand straighter by eliminating your slouch and you stop rolling your shoulders forward. It won’t be noticed not only by you but also by those who live around you.

Other health benefits of going barefoot are:

  • Defuses excess positive protons and hence reduces inflammation
  • Improves sleep
  • Lowers your stress and promotes calmness by affecting stress hormones
  • Relieves muscles tension and headache
  • Speeds up the healing
  • Protects body from EMFs
  • Eliminates snoring
  • Supports adrenal health
  • Prevents back and knee pain
  • Prevents numerous orthopedic issues
  • Makes you move with more control
  • Improves the flexibility and mobility
  • Shortens the period of recovery from an injury
  • Reduces female hormonal symptoms
  • Normalizes your heartbeats
  • Increases energy
  • Lowers chronic pain


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