How to Impress others with your Personality, Intelligence, Appearance?


Try to be real, not impressive; It makes you impressive. In order to make others impress, we get out lives totally influenced by others and start living in accordance with them and often we start believing in show off. But remember! If you have spent a huge amount on buying a car, it may impress others for the time being, but on the immediate next day, it won’t leave any impression on them. So be impressive in your personality and traits rather than making others impressed in monetary and material terms.

Here are a few ways you can use to make others impress through your personality, intelligence and appearance:

How to impress with personality?

Way of Speaking:

Being well dressed and looking good is not enough for drawing attention of others. In order to make others impress, your way of speaking matters a lot. It often happens that some person looks very impression but when they speak their impression goes on zero. Therefore, while speaking keep a few things in your mind:

How is your voice?

How are your gestures and postures?

Do you look at the audience?

Are you able to make the all attentive towards you?

You voice should neither be so low, not so high. Speak politely. Control your gestures and postures while speaking. Keep on having an eye contact with audience regardless of the size. Try to look at everyone, it will keep them attentive.

What are you speaking?

Not only the way of speaking is important but it is also noticed that what you are speaking. Don’t say vague things, it would make your speech less credible. Say clearly whatever you want to see and don’t make confused statements as they may leave a darken impression of you on the minds of listeners. Be convincing and adopt a diplomatic style. Entertain the questions raised by the audience. Avoid saying unimportant stuff.


Your nice behavior also leaves a long lasting impact on the minds of others so you must be careful about it. Treat everyone in a good manner and make affection and care part of your personality.  Show solicitous behavior in front of your seniors and be respectful towards your elders. You can be straightforward but your tome should never be stingy and a good sense of humor helps you in making more friends and makes you popular among people. They keep you remember for longer.

Be polite

Being police also makes you lovable and people get impressed of this trait. Use the words “please” and “thank you” whenever needed. These phrases make a huge difference in your way of communication and make other feel good about you.

Be Generous:

The most impressive thing you can do is devoting your life to others. Try regularly giving your time, energy and money to others without expecting anything in return.

 Be honest:

Never be dishonest! Always tell your honest opinion to others regardless of the fact how bitter it is. Use a polite tone but stay candid. Moreover, stay honest towards people and your relationships. Fulfill your promises and never take off your statements. This trait is highly admired and makes other impress.

How to impress with Intelligence?

IQ level

Use your IQ level to make others impress as it is a major part of your personality and people get highly impressed by this trait. People when they meet you often count your picking ability. If you have a good IQ level, use this ability in a good manner.


Look confident! Confidence is the strongest of all the traits. A gunman can be combated with a stick if confidence exists. Even not having an attractive face or personality, but having confidence only can compensate all of the insufficiencies in your personality. Confidence is your energy and surety which shows how successful you are going to be at something. People get highly impressed by confident people.

Share interesting knowledge and ask questions

Keeping people engaged in sharing interesting knowledge and information leaves a very impressive impact on their minds. Ask them interesting questions and then answer those questions to add interesting things into their knowledge.

How to impress with Appearance?

How do you dress up?

Dressing up is an important part of the personality as it leaves the very first impression of your looks on others. When someone wants to dress up, it’s their priority to do their dressing according to prevalent conditions. Always get up according to your physique, face shape, environment and era.

Physical fitness

Physical appearance is also one of the very first things people see about you before making any interaction with you. Having a sound physical fitness and shape is good. You can wear dresses of your choice and according to fashion if you have got a fit physical shape else you have to be bound to make yourself look better. Look physically fit to attract people.

Be mindful of body language

Body language is something which cannot be ignores. It matters more than half of what others respond to initially. Non verbal communication speaks louder than words. keep a facial expression that combines authority with approachability and eye contact.

Wear smile:

People are usually inspired by people who live happily and also keep others happy. Keep on smiling more often while having interaction with people.

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