The medical Benefits of Namaz (prayer)


The standard prayer of Muslim called as Namaz, where physical movements of prayers (Sala’at) have been appealingly conglomerated with spiritual work out, result to numerous surprising health and medical advantages. Namaz is the remedy from Allah for better health and fitness who offers it consistently. Subsequently, it is the natural way to keep oneself sound. One can get the advantages of Namaz just on the off chance that it is offered as they have been ordered by Allah and our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Namaz (Sala’at) ought to be offered coolly, tranquilly, religiously and profoundly to get most extreme of its advantages.

What are the medical benefits of Namaz

Ablution is performed before offering namaz (prayer) as praying without it completely invalidates your namaz. Performing ablution is one of the conditions of namaz. So its benefits include in the benefits of namaz (prayer). Let’s first have a look on the benefits of ablution, briefly:

Ablution helps in

  • Germ prevention and eventually brings a good health to you.
  • Putting beneficial therapeutic effects on the hands, face and feet region
  • Relaxing nervous system and making y you calm and relax
  • Removing germs, allergens and dust particles from your mouth
  • Reducing viral respiratory infections via gargling; it reduces bad breath too
  • Minimizing infections such as flu, sinusitis, cold and chest infections due to nose cleaning
  • Refreshing and improving your facial complexion
  • Reducing oily skin and growth of acne, pimples, wrinkles, and other facial spots
  • Reducing diabetic effects as rubbing the toes with fingers is also good in case of diabetes

Namaz benefits:

Blood Flow:

All the movements in body help in controlling a very high or a very low flow of the blood in your body, which leads to blood pressure issues. The postures of namaz help in regulating the blood circulation in the body. Qiyam position in namaz helps in keeping the blood circulation in normal position, ruku helps in flowing the blood in upper part of the bpdy and tashud help in flowing the blood towards lower part of the body. Therefore, namaz helps in circulating the blood faster in the body and reaching in different parts of the body with sufficient amount of oxygen. This way namaz prevents you from heart related diseases.

Gland secretion:

Sounds which are produced by a person help in gland secretion. During the qiyam we perform longer recitations. Surah fatiha contains almost all the long vowels the sound vibrations of which when produced they give the signal to the mind to increase the secretion of glands in addition to increasing the condition of lungs as well.

Improved digestive system:

The quud state where men sit while curling their right foot while women sit with both feet sole up, helps in improving digestion. Moreover, in women it provides relaxation to female body and improved liver system of males.

Benefits as Abs Exercises do:

Namaz benefits same like the abs exercises do in order to control stomach fat and keeping the person slim. Sajdah (prostration) helps on controlling the belly from sagging and accumulating excessive fats. In this position much pressure is put on the abdominal muscles. So, if you need to control your abs and want to become slim then offer your namaz five time a day; this is better than any other abs exercise.

Strong Spine:

Most of the time, you stay in standing position in your namaz. Your body, feets and legs are in alignment which helps in building your lower back muscles and preventing back injuries and strains. Namaz puts healthy consequences on your spine.

Stretched body:

During namaz, muslims bend on their knees, this is called ruku which is the best way of stretching your body without overdoing it. Your back. Thighs and calves get fully stretched blood flows towards upper part of your body. As a result of this posture a person gets to stretch the body five times a day and also helps strengthen the core of a person as well.

Benefits of yoga:

Yoga is to relish and cherish the life with exhilarating excitement. The system provides psychological and emotional well-being. Being drugless therapies, it enhances sustainable and functional ability of the body. The same case is also with Namaz. Yoga and Namaz is certainly a substitute of stress and disease free personality.

Neck exercise:

Salam is the excellent posture which helps in loosening neck joints and relaxing the shoulders and upper neck muscles. It refreshes all the nerves passing through your neck. It is also good if you have headache and mild migraine.

The Qiyam, ruku, sajda, tashud, qood etc which are the steps of the Namaz (prayer) are exercises that reduce cholesterol, prevent digestion and keep the blood flow and circulation properly and prevent strokes, heart attack and other ailments.




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