What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You


Nail shape patterns are continually changing, with new increases like lipstick nails and box nails, yet some shapes will always be great. I’ve generally been a believer that your nail shape is an impression of your identity, and your nail shape is an augmentation of that! Whether you’re strong and tense, or a low upkeep lady, your nail shape says it all. What does your nail shape say in regards to you? Let have a look!

Short and round nails

People with short and round nails are strong and mature in thinking. They are creative and a source of recreation and excitement. People are attracted to them due to their lifetime loyalty and dare to do anything for their loved ones. They are adventurous and love challenges. They never get back if they decide to do anything. They are bold and have no fear. Some might say negative things about them but they never worry about people.

Flat and broad nails

Those who have broad and flat nails are analytical persons with crystal clear thoughts. They are never confused but always careful before saying anything. People usually get attracted towards them due to their sincere advices which can be relied on without any confusion. They are very good at making judgments about others. They are hardworking and little creative and take interest in crafting and building. They give value to character over beauty and are very good at doing tricky things and finding solutions of difficulties.

Long and rectangular nails

Long and rectangular nails show the sociability and good personal relationships with other. They are bubbly persons with a good head on their shoulders. They love new experiences and exploring the new world. They like to meet more people and making good relationships with them. They have a motto about world “measure twice, cut once”; they are careful while doing anything and believe in measurements and examinations. They always try to do the things in perfect manner. They go into the details.

Short and uneven nails

Empathetic observant persons are usually found with short and uneven nails. Whenever you say something you really mean it which shows they are hateful souls. They are very careful while adding new people into their life. They often look placid on the surface, there’s a storm of feeling and thought brewing beneath. That’s why others listen when they speak. They always go for the truth even when it hurts.

Triangular nails

When it comes to work, they believe in “work hard, not smart”. This shows that people with triangular nails think things through before approaching a task. They blaze right though the task when it is time to take a start. Their hard work is often great.

They are bold people and always care about what they want. They can be decisive. They are stubborn and passionate but they don’t consider it as something wrong. They are never afraid of asking for what they want for themselves.

Square and even nails

People with square and even nails are hardworking and grounded. They are born with leadership qualities and always fulfill their responsibilities in best possible way. They are trusted and people easily rely on them. When they do something they do it right. They never believe in taking shortcuts and do anything to get a task done. They work hard but it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy life. They often relax and have quality time with their family and friends. They are fun loving and enjoy gatherings.

Nails with cuticle line

Those who are with an uneven cuticle line on their nails they live an extraordinary life. They are funky and vibrant and live a colorful life. They never give importance to ordinary things and people always get attracted towards them when they need to spend some quality time. They believe in playing hard and working harder. They try to make their responsibilities and tasks enjoyable up to a great extent. You will always find them running from boredom.

Long and oval shaped nails

Creative people usually have oval shaped long nails. They draw inspiration from the nature and are always fascinated by it. They are highly imaginative and are quite joyful when surrounded by beauty. People are attracted towards them when they are hectic and need to be relaxed.

They are gentle in nature. They go deep into their work and tasks according to their interests make them quite happy especially at the times when they benefit other people. They are lovable and make others feel important.


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