If You are in a Party and Your Shoes Heel Break

“A broken heel when you can’t fix it can be worse than a broken heart.”

Do you wear high heels? If yes you’ll likely have one break on you over the span of your life, and the outcome could be humiliating, as well as painful. Indeed, even celebs like Mariah Carey and supermodels need to manage this situation.

When a shoe heel or shoe is broken you feel some emotional and physical effects, but there are other things as well. The most important question is “how you will walk now,” “what will you do?” is there anyone who can help you right now?,” “what time is it?,” and “Is there any store nearby? Well this kind of situations doesn’t only happen in movies and dramas this actually can happen to anyone at any place


This article is about how you deal with such situation carefully.

Be careful

When you feel something is wrong with your heel, be careful it can be broken and you can fall and get injured. Get hold of something sturdy, a furniture, a pillar or a strong person near you if possible. Don’t hold someone in a way that the person tumbles on you. That can be SERIOUSLY embarrassing. Make sure you don’t fall or if your heel gets broken without giving you any signal try to get hold of yourself and don’t get injured.

Collect the broken piece or pieces and try to mend it

Once you know that you have broken your heel, take off the other show and try to find the broken pieces. Only then you will be able to fix the shoes. When you have gathered pieces, sit calmly in silent place and see if you can fix the shoe without any aid. There are situations when shoe can be mended simply by reinserting the heel back into the hole or slot it has eased its way out from.

Use strong instant glue

See if you have glue in your bag, if not, try to arrange it. It is not something so rare. But bad luck doesn’t come after knocking the door, it is possible that you are at some place where there is no super market around or maybe it is too late hour of night. But if you are lucky enough to get the glue try fix your heel temporarily so you can get through the party night.

Ask host for help

At parties the hosts are the most helpful people. Ask your host for helping you out if the situation (with a puppy face). He or she might help with glue, a pair of shoe or any temporary solution for the broken heel.

Enjoy some “barefoot” time.

Take off your both shoes, it is the easiest short term remedy and not to look awkward get escape from the party lounge. But be careful be getting barefooted, make sure that there are no broken glass shreds on the floor and it is not dirty. Don’t take off your shoes at a restroom or bathroom of a public place. You can put on your socks if possible.

Make a call home

If you live nearby, make a call home and tell your sibling to send away a pair of shoes.

Shop it

If there is any shoe store around, get help from a friend and buy a pair.


Always keep a pair of extra shoes with you to cope up with this kind of situations.


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