Some Simple 15 Minutes Habit That can Change Your Life

Its awesome how small, harmless habits can bring a great change in your life in the same exact way as bad habits like sleeping late, waking up late, smoking, etc makes one’s life miserable and unhealthy. In this article I have summed up the simplest habits that can make a great change in your life.


Practicing Silence

There is a lot of noise, don’t you agree? The world is noisy, we are noisy. We all are busy in doing things like work, study, pointless conversations, playing games and watching TV, who is out there that spend his spare time in silence? Surely a few people, but “Silence” is important. Our mind needs to be calm and that is possible only when you practice silence.


Laughing is a therapy that relieves stress, makes one feel light, refreshed and happy even when there are burdens, sadness, or life problems. It gives the strength to face the difficulties and the hardship that are part of life. So do smile often. Laugh daily.


There is no doubt about how much exercise is important for us. There are a lot more chances of diseases when we don’t exercise; we are more likely to be obsessed and depressed. It won’t be wrong to say, exercising is the best solution for almost all king of health problems. 15 minutes of required exercise can make you healthy.


“Walking 15-30 minutes each day can add years to your life.” This has been discovered by the researchers. If you make a habit of daily walk, you will become more active; will have better posture, digestive system, more immunity, stamina and better outlook.

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude refers to being grateful and content with whatever you have in your possession and however the Creator has made you. Instead of complaining about your flaws, your bad times and misfortune you should count your blessings and be thankful, as Life could be worse.

Helping someone

1000 hours a year of helping others means you will have fewer problems for yourself. Helping others takes nothing but your time and compassion but gives a lot.


Playing games is fun and can be healthy if you play outside. But playing games you like to play. Play with kids, or friends.


Writing can be very helpful in relieving stress, building self confidence and self-esteem, and reviewing your progresses.

Self grooming

Give some time to yourself, think about yourself, not only think but take actions. Do everything that will make you look good. Groom yourself, change your hair style, hair color and change your dressing style a little, do make up, do take good care of your hands, foot nails and skin.

Cleaning your space

Cleaning your space daily will make your life organized. You will than become more punctual, you won’t lose your stuff and you will have a better place to live and sleep in.

Reviewing yourself

Take some time to review your life, where you are standing, where you are leading to and how you are going to spend your life.

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