Simple ways to Save Money

“Save money and money will save you.”

Whoever said it, said it very well, bad spending habits can make your future unsecure while you can sleep in peace if you have the backup plan. Keeping positive spending habits and not wasting what you earn is necessary, if you keep on spending whatever you, you will end up empty handed. In the same way spending more than what you earn is worst case. Saving a specific part of your income for emergencies and unseen future event you might not know what happens tomorrow!


“Do not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving.”-Warren Buffett

Here are the simplest ways you can save money without even realizing how much of a big favor you are doing to your future self.

Eat homemade

We all have our favorite restaurants and we often eat their or get the food delivered BUT is it okay? Well not. It is draining your finance little by little above that it is not actually that healthy! Eat home it will decrease the food cost to less than half of what you’re spending right now! You can also make your lunch box for work and for kids. Make your own cup of coffee instead of grabbing a cup at a lavishing Coffee shop.

Shop on list

When you are planning to shop, make a wish-list first. Buy only what is needed to be bought and avoid buying big brands name. You will save money for life by DOING SO.

Pay Cash

Credit card is like a hole in your pocket, you don’t even realize when you’re out of credit limit and the interest is cruel.

Pay bill and dues before time

The utility bills and all kinds of dues when paid after due date, take some extra amount as fine or surcharge. To avoid this leakage of money pay on time and save your money.

Do grocery shopping when have limited time

Be little tricky with grocery shopping. Normally when we go for grocery we fill the carriage with whatever we look at considering it might be needed some time and most of the things are never used in near future. So if you do grocery shopping in hurry you will buy only required stuff.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk saves money, so whenever you get chance buy the nonperishable stuff in bulk.

Avoid paying interest

If you have to pay off a debt, pay it on the first hand; don’t let the interest pile up. It will be hard to pay double or more than the principal amount.

Cut of landline

Landlines are now only a burden on your budget when each member of the family has their personal phones. In most of the houses landlines are only a piece decoration. Cut it off in case you don’t have small kids.

Borrow! Don’t buy or buy Used

Things you don’t need for longer time, like books. Try to borrow them from local library. If not available or you need to keep books for longer time see if you can get them used.


Save electricity and your electricity bills will be controlled. Switch off all the electric appliances when not using, reduce use of Air conditioned or Electric heaters and other intense electricity consuming devices and machines.

Reminder: Live modest! “The safe way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.” –Kin Hubbard


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