How to Stop Smoking Naturally

Good thing is, there are so many natural ways that can be uses to get rid of smoking habit. These natural methods doesn’t require pumping more nicotine into your blood, in addition to that the bonus point is all these methods can be used at the same time combined so you can use as many as needed measures to kick the habit for a good reason.

Time to quit smoking

Side effects of smoking:

  • High blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduced blood flow
  • Reduced skin temperature
  • bad breath
  • lost appetite
  • dizziness
  • initial stimulation, then decrease in activity of brain
  • Abdominal cramps and vomiting
  • headache
  • Cough
  • Nausea

To quit the killing habit, read and follow these simple natural ways.

Change your diet

There are some foods that make cigarettes taste better and there are some that make cigarette taste quite bitter. According to research carried by Duke University, foods like red meat, coffee, alcohol make cigarettes taste good. On the other side Juices, fruits, pulps; vegetables milk can make them taste horrible. So we can conclude that if a person eats only the food that makes cigarette taste bad then it can be helpful in quitting smoking. The BONUS is all these foods are best for optimum health.


Lime is an easily reachable and a non-toxic exchange of nicotine. It has a lot of benefits like alkalinizing the tissues, which are casually more acidic in tobacco addicts to begin with. Lime is an anti-infective agent that has been clearly shown the existence of antimicrobial activity against various strains of drugs resistant, E. coli and inhibiting the survival of Vibrio cholera, the pathogen that contributes to cholera, in foods, that is another good effect of lime considering that smokers often have low immunity.

Eat sweet

According to a study, “in more than 30% cases when people feeling carving for smoking they actually are carving for Carbohydrates.”This means you can trick your mind here, grab a sweet, a piece of cake, anything that have carbohydrates in it can help in reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day. Another thing, you cannot load on sweets of course it is unhealthy but a small less calorie sweet can work great.


Acupuncture treatment can be very helpful in getting rid of smoking habit. It makes better the quitting symptoms of smoking as well as the selective attention to smoking related visual clues in the smokers.


According to a research at Brown university, “Working out can increase as double your ability and willpower to quit smoking.” The aerobics is the best exercise in this regard and should be done 5 days a week regularly. It will increase the blood circulation fast and also lift your mood. Make the body and mind function better.

Black Pepper

Black pepper can be affective when you are facing symptoms of quitting smoking. Inhalation of vapor from black pepper decreases smoking symptoms.

Tai Chi

It is a type of ancient martial arts that increase fitness and relieve stress. A study observed under University of Miami, watching smoking addicts for a period of 12 weeks, had them perform tai chi 3 times a week for 1 hour. The results were helpful as 60% of the smokers quit it.


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