Tree House Interior Decoration Ideas

A tree house can be more than a child’s play house or simply a place to party. Today tree houses are being built on larger scale. There are tree-house resorts in Texas, Oregon, Costa Rica and many other states. There are tree-hotels and people live in their tree houses as the live in the earth based house.

Tree house once built can be decorated in so many ways. But due to the uniqueness and size of the structure of the tree houses the method to ways to decorate a tree house are little complex or you can say you have to be a little more mindful while decorating interior of the tree house.

You have to consider few things while decorating a perfect tree house and that are:

  • Size of the tree house
  • Structure of the tree house
  • Sizes of doors and windows
  • Need of the people living in
  • The budget

Now see some real cool and lavishing ideas for decorating interior of your tree-house.

Add colors in the woods


A wood color tree house might look boring, adding few brilliant and popping colors in the tree-house will give your eyes a pleasant sight to watch and a less boring house is yours! You can bring home some bright color furniture, curtains and cushions.

Use light effects and a big mirror

Use pretty lights to make a beautiful enviroment and light effects in the house. Tree houses are usually bright and airy so use fancy lights to enhance the beauty. A big mirror can make your small tree house a big one.


Make color contrasts of walls floor and furiture


Treehouse allows you to pick any color and make matchings and contrast. You can pick different colors for different parts of the home. You can pick contrasting colors for wall with furnitures and home accessaries. Don’t forget to place a fancy rag in center of the living area.

Luxury wood style


The timber is said to be the best wood for the treehouses as it risit sunrays, rain and all kind of weather conditions very strongly. Use wood to deorate a facinating and luxiourious tree house like the one shown in the above picture. A challendier, a fire place, some antique looking deoration pieces will make a great lavishing tree house.

Make it unique


Decorate your tree house with unique style decore, you can make your own decorating stuff by using your creativity and art.

Glass walls


This is my personal favorite style of tree houses, just imagine sitting on those chairs and enjoying the outside scenery without being affected from the outside weather.

A big illuminated living area


A larger place means you got a lot to do. place sofa set in the center on a beautiful large rag, decorate the walls with mix of colors. You can add a fire place agains the TV wall as well.

Modern style


If you want a modern style home, decorat it with trendy furniture and home decores. A swing in perfect modern attic looks so gorgeous.

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