Uses and Benefits of Geranium Oil


Geranium is an herb which has been using extensively in aromatherapy. It is also known as Pelargonium odorantissimum. Geranium essential oil is extracted from the leaves and sometimes flowers of the geranium herb through distillation procedure. The whole geranium plant except its roots can be used to prepare the geranium essential oil.

The geranium oil contains a strong smell with a floral scent and a hint of mint. It is mostly colorless but sometimes in light green color with water-like viscosity.

The contents of geranium oil include a-pinene, myrcene, limonene, menthone, linalool, geranyl acetate, citronellol, geraniol and geranyl butyrate. It has astringent, haemostatic, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, diuretic, deodorant, haemostatic, styptic, tonic, vermifuge and vulnerary properties which make it useful for certain health conditions.

Benefits of Geranium Oil:

Due to its wonderful properties geranium essential oil is used for various health purposes. Just have a look below to know more!

Fights infections

Geranium Oil has antibacterial properties which help in protecting your body from infection. It helps in reducing the growth of the bacteria on your skin such as on a wound.

Gently Rub 2 spoons of Geranium Oil on to the area which is affected. Cover it with gauze and repeat the remedy twice a day.

Helps in healing

Geranium Oil fastens the healing process and heals in cuts, wounds and incisions in less time. You can also use it to get your scars faded. Geranium Oil has cicatrizing properties which helps in healing the scars which are caused by cuts, wounds, incisions, skin irritations or acne.

Improves mental functioning

Geranium Oil is very good at improving mental functioning. People who suffer from mental problems such as depression, anxiety, Anger, mood swings and others should get benefit from Geranium Oil. It has a sweet and floral smell which helps in making your mind and body calm.

Helps in women health issues

Geranium Oil is also helpful in solving various women health problems. This is good for reducing each and everything women can from premenstrual cramps to postmenopausal syndrome.

Helps in boosting metabolism

It has been found through the researches that Geranium Oil possesses cytophylactic properties which help in boosting our metabolic activities. Metabolism is important for maintaining the health and growth of the body cells and reproductive cells. It also helps in the restoration of new cell.

Improve Immune system

Geranium Oil has an antimicrobial effect that is why it works wonder in improving your immune system. It makes your defensive cells of the body stronger and so make them able to face the various internal and external toxic challenges in a good manner.

Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia Preventer

Geranium oil is shown to trigger microglia cells, which release pro-inflammatory agents that combat inflammation in neural pathways, therefore preventing the formation of neuro-degenerative diseases. Geranium oil works with the natural chemistry of the brain to prevent these scary conditions that lead to memory loss.

Aids Gastrointestinal & Cardiovascular System Indirectly:

Geranium has indirect effects on our gastrointestinal system and cardiovascular system. As it increases urination, our digestion procedure gets improved and no gas is accumulated in the intestine. Similarly, it lowers the level of sodium in our body, which keeps our blood pressure normal.


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