Uses of Rosemary Oil


Rosemary oil is one of the most popular essential oils as it has a long range of benefits and is becoming more important and popular as more of its health benefits are coming into light. Rosemary oil is used in cooking food and many dishes are cooked with freshly plucked rosemary leaves. The oil is extracted from the rosemary leaves.

Benefits of using rosemary Oil

Today, rosemary oil is the essential part of numerous medicinal preparations. There are countless health benefits of rosemary oil, so of which are being listed below.  Have a look!

Helps in curing Alzheimer’s disease

It has been proved through studies that rosemary essential oil is very much beneficial for the people suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases. The oil helps in improving cognitive function, that is why it is considered as a good treatment of this disease.

Helps in eliminating respiratory problems

Rosemary essential oil is used to treat allergies, colds, flu and sore throats. Its sent has been proved very effective to relieve the throat congestion. Rosemary essential oil has antiseptic properties which make it possible to treat respiratory infections with its use. It is also used in bronchi asthma.

Takes care of your teeth

Rosemary essential oil has antibacterial and astringent properties which make it useful for the treatment of certain dental problems such as bad breath, cavities, gingivitis and plaque buildup. It can be used as a mouthwash for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Improves immune system

The massage of rosemary essential oil helps in enhancing your immune system. It stimulates the activity of antioxidants which are strong against infections and diseases. Inhalation of this oil helps in decreasing the cortical levels. It combats with several diseases such as heart diseases and cancer.

Helps in relieving pain

The rosemary oil has healing properties which make it able to treat various types of pains such as muscle pains. Rheumatism, arthritis and headaches. In order to get relief from the pain, massage the infected area with rosemary oil.

It also helps in increasing blood circulation in your body which helps in removing pain and its anti-inflammatory properties aid in coagulation of wounds for faster healing.

Enhances learning and memory

Rosemary essential oil also helps in improving your learning and memory. It can keep you from cramming a night before a huge exam. It lowers the stress and anxiety and makes you think positive. Massaging your heads with this oil brings out your intellectual abilities.

It has been shown through a study that the fragrance if rosemary oil produces improvement in the performance of your brain, quality of memory and secondary memory factors in healthy adults. It also helps in remaining more alert.

Increases blood circulation

Rosemary essential oil helps in improving blood circulation in the body. If you have got any type of pain in your body such as muscle cramp, muscle soreness etc, massaging with this oil may work wonder and bring ease and relief to you.

Gives relief from cold, cough and flu

Massaging with rosemary essential oil helps in reducing the symptoms of cold and flu, such as stuffy and watery nose, cough and congestion. Massage your chest and throat with a few drops of oil after every few hours.


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