10 ways to Keep Your Feet Warm in Cold, Winter Weather:

Dry Feet are Thermal Feet

Primary reason for feet to be cold is if they are wet or moisturized, Keep your feet dry and moisture free in winters. Waterproof boots and socks are used in order to keep our feet dry in rainy and cold weathers. Luckily there is a variety of such shoes is available in markets.


2. Use Merino Wool Instead of Cotton made socks

It is believed that cotton made socks keep us warm but Its not true to that extent.
“Not only does cotton get wet with sweat very quickly, but it will won’t keep its warmth when wet, which means it’ll freeze and you’ll have a bad day,” said Mark Hamilton.


To be wise you better not use cotton made socks in winters it may ruin your day by freezing your feet with your own sweat instead there is Merino wool is the wool we get from Sheep skin It is one of finest Fiber to keep your feet and toes warm and cozy in icy cold weather.


3. Get Foot Bed

Foot beds are made to keep the cold out of shoe soles. They are quite helpful in keeping our feet safe from getting cold. Use Foot beds inside your shoes whether they are boots snickers or joggers to stop the cold. Hamilton says: Foot beds really prevent the cold from getting up under you.”


4. Give some heat to your feet

Its not that you only get warmed with warm clothes in winter we must give some heat to our body and specially our feet. The Cold of winter sometimes swell our feet in that situation, A Tub of lukewarm water is very beneficial. Let your feet soak in lukewarm water for few minutes it will help to make the Blood circulation better that makes us warm.


5. Warm up activities

When we sit for long time in winters our feet get extra cold and this is because of not moving our feet. To make your feet thermal go for a fast walk or make some jumping movements or any warm up exercise to make the blood circulation fast, it will help in making your feet cozy real quick.

What Boots are preferable

The boots that make you feel comfortable are the best boots for you but yet there is a limit; to stay warm you must choose your boots wisely. Wear long boots when you know you are going to be inactive but you can wear long boots when you have to stay active for a while because wearing that kind of boots will become troublesome.


7. Thicker aren’t warmer

It isn’t necessary that If you are wearing thicker soaks your feet are warmer. The Thicker garments may block the blood circulation in your feet or toes. So wear some normal socks made of Merino wool most preferably


8. “Drink Caffeine if you’re cold” It’s a myth

We normally drink hot drinks like Coffee and tea that contains Caffeine and nicotine, Scientifically Caffeine cause your vessels to constrict, which limits blood flow. So It’s totally a myth to take coffee when you’re cold. Avoid taking Caffeine when you’re feeling cold.


  1. Toe Warmers

The Toes get easily cold in winters when you’re outside keep your toes warm by keeping toe warmers in your shoes/boots.


  1. Bonus tip

Keep an extra pair of socks and shoes with you whenever travelling because your feet sweat even when you’re cold.



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