12 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Wrapping your look up with scarf has been in trend for long time. Despite of it, it has not lost its charm. There is a huge collection of stylish women scarves on almost all designer dresses outlets. Scarf is a piece of fabric that is worn around the neck, near the head or on the head. There is a huge variety and brands of scarves and so the ways to wear the scarves vary.

Here are 12 exclusive ways to wear a scarf:

Double Coil Scarf:


Loop the scarf around your neck, twice.

Take one end of the scarf over and down through the neck loops.

Tie both ends of the scarf together.

French Tangle:


Double the scarf.

Put the scarf around your shoulders.

Take one loose end of it and pull it over and under the loop of the scarf.

Take another end and pull it under and over the same loop.

Braided Strand:


Wrap your scarf behind the neck

Wrap one end of it around your hand and pull it through in order to make a loose knot.

Take the other end of the scarf and pull through the side knot, under the knot loop and then over the loop.

The Necklace Style:


Double a long scarf in length.

Grab slanted ends and tie them together.

Put it in your neck.

Twist it and loop once again.

Binary Sided Twist:


Take two of your favorite Scarves.

Put them back to back.

Wrap once around your neck.

Turn the fabric so that both the sides can be seen.

Stole Wrap


Just wrap the Scarf around your shoulders.

Bring both the ends on your front.

Comfy Collar Wrap


Take a scarf lengthwise.

Coil it two times around your neck.

Tie the ends in a half knot.

Tick the ends under the scarf loops.

Collar Wrap


Wrap a long scarf around your neck.

Make a half knot with the ends, near your neck.

Pull the fabric of the neck loop down, over the half loop.

Looped Scarf (A unique adaptation of the scarf)


Put the scarf on your shoulders.

Take its ends and make a half knot on your back.

Pull the ends and make the knot tight and up high on your back.

Pull the scarf fabric down on your back.

Vintage Loop


Put the scarf around your neck.

Pull one end down, longer.

Wrap long end around your neck.

Let both the ends hang.

Braided Scarf


Take a long scarf and put it behind your neck.

Hold the ends and tie a loose knot.

Take the right end and cross it over the left one.

Pull it under and over the scarf loop.

Let it hang down

Now grab the left end and cross it over the other end and pull it under and over the loop.

Repeat it maximum times until the loops become too short.

Vintage Pull Through


Double the Scarf in half.

Put it around your neck.

Bring both ends on the front.

Pull the loose end from the loop.

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