6 Ways to Live a Happiest Life

As human being we all strive for happiness and it is perfectly approachable thing, whoever says he can’t find his happiness in life, may be doesn’t know what happiness actually is and where to find it. People who search for happiness from the outside world will hardly find it, as real happiness comes from inside YOU. The only, only thing that can make you stay happy is you not the other people or things. Living a happy life is what everyone deserves all it requires is making some changes in your life or may be in your thinking sometimes.


Here are some simple things you can do to live a happy fulfilling life.

Find, and do what you LOVE the most, till the end!

This one thing can totally change your life, we all have one thing that we are born to do, that one particular thing which makes our soul happy, that thing even it is tiring we feel no weariness doing it. That’s what is your passion, find it if you haven’t found it yet. It can be anything, you can find it by practicing different things, or reviewing your life achievements, the most rewarding thing you have done in your life is probably what you are meant to take as a profession even its money value is less.

Have rational expectations or have NO EXPECTATIONS!

Expectations hurt all of us at some point of life or others, we also hurt others sometimes intentionally or unintentionally. It happens! Having expectations from others means you are making yourself bound to be happy only when other act according to your will and that is not always possible, actually it is rarely possible that people will fulfill your expectations, so ONLY have real expectations from everyone including your family and friends. Trust me you will never be sad again become of OTHERS.

Live with people you love and who make you feel HAPPY GO LUCKY!

To be happy you need happy vibes, people feel happy when they are around people they love and sad when they are apart. There are people who love you unconditionally and without even expecting a reward that are your parents and siblings and your family. No one can love you more than these people. So surround yourself with love and affection, remember one more thing, you can never just take it, you have to give it too.

Be with positive people and avoid all the negative people and thoughts, they will only pull you down and make you feel sad.


Health is your wealth!

Health is the real wealth, if you have it doesn’t lose it and if you have any health or fitness problem you should be taking extra care of yourself. Without being healthy you can’t enjoy a fullest happy life. Do eat healthy and walk and exercise daily. If you get easily stressed you should do yoga, it is best for unwinding and making you feel stress free.


Forgive, forget, move one!

Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for you. You cannot move forward and live happily until you don’t forgive the people who have done harm to you. We all face such people but what is the use of not forgiving you will only make yourself feel bad. To forget and be happy let go of anything that keep you down.

Help people who need your help!

Happiness that come from helping others can’t be compared with anything in this world, take some time and help ANYONE, doesn’t matter how small or big act of helping you do it will give you a divine feeling of happiness and contentment.

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