Amazing Home Remedies That You Will Find In Kitchen

We know that doctor have every solution to our problem, but sometimes we have no time to call for a doctor and have to do thing by our own. In this case home remedies are just perfect solution and they are also effective and chemical free which might react like some heavy medicines.

Everything you need would be available in your kitchen. All you have to do is to gather some knowledge about things present in your kitchen in form of remedies.

We are going to share out top 7 easy remedies with things that are not only cheap but can be find in your kitchen whenever you want. Stay tuned.

1)    Turmeric for bleeding:

Turmeric is considered as very strong agent which have healing power. If you get a deep cut then you can apply turmeric paste on your injury and remain it for few minutes, it will stop bleeding and help your injury to heal.

2)    Honey for eye irritation:


Eye irritations, watering eye are very common now days because of excessive heat, pollution and high level of work stress in which one have to sit in front of computer screens.  Honey is best remedy for that. Make sure you have organic pure honey without and wit will help your eyes to get relief.

3)    Carmon seed for stomachache and cramps:


Carom seeds have been used to cure stomach pain from decades. They can be eaten as a whole if you can do so. Or can be gulped immediately with salt and water in order to get relief on instant basis. And most of women add Carmon seed in their homes in order to maintain their family digestive system healthy.

4)    Cured for diarrhea:


Curd is considered as best remedy for diarrhea. It has beneficial bacteria which help in curing diarrhea.

5)    Ginger for throat irritation and nausea:


Ginger merely found very much effective in throat infection and throat irritation. Ginger juice is strong and for that reason, it is better to be used with honey.

6)    Fresh cream for burning injury:


Mino burns are considered as quite common. You can add little bit of chilled fresh cream of milk on injury and get relief from burning sensation as soon as possible.

7)    Lemon for ulcer:


Ulcer in mouth is caused by vitamin c deficiency. This vitamin is found in abundance in lemon. Lemon extracts and its juice can help in healing ulcer wounds.



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