Best and Easy Ways to Style your Hairs at Home

styling your hair at home is easy but a little creative thing to do. But it’s not difficult or something that can’t be done by yourself you can style your hair in just few minutes, with absolute perfection and ease. Here are some very easy to do and trendy hair styles for girls at home.

1. Cute bow


Here is a cute little bow hair style to give your hair a unique hair style.

Step1 Separate two hair strands to the back.

Step2 roll the hair strands same like making a nod

Step3 Make a nod.

Step4 Divide the nod into equal two.

Step5 tie the nod with some hair

Step6 use bobby pin under the nod to make hair put in place.
You’re ready to go.

2. Side Ponytail



Step1 take 1 3rd of your hair from the side you want to make the pony and use a rubber band to make pony

Step2 use half of left hair and curl them over pony you made in the first step.

Step3 now use the left hair in the same way to curl up against the pony.

Step4 now use a nice floral pony to make putt all three hair strands together.
Its read, you nice side ponytail.

3. One side twists


Step1 Divide your hair in unequal proportion shown in the picture above then take a thin hair strand and roll it inward and pin it.
Step2 cover the pin with hair.
It’s done.

4. Messy side braid

this hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle among all the Hollywood celebrities and gives a very chunky yet elegant look.



just divide your hair in ¼ and keep the forth part on left side.
Make a rough braid. Here you go.

5. Elegant Curly hair



Lightly curl your hair don’t make deep curls
make a cap of hair and pin it on the back.

6. Curly Bun



step1 make a ponytail with all your hair

Step2 divide in two.

Step3 curl both hair strands

step4 now curl them with each other.

Step5 tie the hair at the tail end.

Step 6 now you can make the bun by rolling hair.

Step7 use bobby pins to fix the bun.

7. One side braids

one side braid hairstyle is pretty and simple and it take only a minute to make it.



Divide your hair into two and make a simple braid on one side and tie it on back side of your hair.

8. Bow Bun



Step1 catch your all hair on your head.

Step2 make a rough bun shown in the picture above (step2)

Step3 Divide the bun into two.

Step4 use some of your hair to divide bow and pin it.

9. Stylish nod hairstyle (aka the ramp hairstyle)

This hairstyle is most used hair style by hair stylists for models on the ramp. It’s easy and attractive.



Make a ponytail but leave a hair strand for making the nod tie the ponytail, after that the cover the pony with hair strand.

10. Two way pony



Step1 divide hair in two like shown and make braid with hair of one side.

Step2 now cover the pony by rolling braid over it.
You have made it.


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