The Best way to Take Care of your Dress


Here are a few best tips to take care of your favorite dress:

Wash with hand

You must have seen clothes with tags with an instruction, “wash with hand” or dry clean them. You need to follow this rule of you need to keep your favorite dress with you for long. Most of the dresses with the dry cleaning instructions are those which you can wash at home with hands. Don’t use extra warm water as it can damage the colors and brightness of the cloth.

Try not using dryer

The dryer is a 20th century invention which has brought much convenience in washing and drying process and has made life much easier specially for my impatient fellows. But if you want to take care of your favorite dress and don’t want it to get spoiled for longer then you must avoid putting them into drier. Hand them to dry it will keep your dress silky and smooth and you will be able hold up through countless wears.

Add right amount of detergent

Using the right amount of the detergent while wash your clothes also matters a lot. High efficiency washing machines utilize less resources to wash the clothes and as they are designed the way that they don’t hold too many clothes in tem in one turn so you can wash your favorite dress in a high efficiency washing machine. Use just a teaspoon of detergent for washing your dress. Try to look for a detergent who is specially prepared for working with a high efficiency detergent.

Avoid detergents with harsh ingredients

Look for the detergents which are not with harsh ingredients which are harmful for the life of the cloth. They make the fabric weak and can be damaged after a few wears. Look for the detergent with conditioning ingredients and fiber lubricants to make sure that your clothes don’t leave the wash looking worse for wear, or sporting pulled threads and pills.

Moreover avoid using bleaching as it is much harmful for your clothes. It contains strong chemicals which damage the clothe.

Don’t wash with other clothes

Clothing care cannot be done in a good way if you wash them together. Wash them separately. For example wash light color clothes with same type of clothes and clothes which might leave their color on other clothes should be washed separately otherwise they may spoil your favorite dress with no option left on your part. In the same way, wash different types of fabrics at the same time such as u should treat silk differently from the cotton.

Don’t wash if it looks clean

Washing your clothes again and again spoils their colors and also the fabric. It us recommended not to wash your dress if it looks clean. Over the course of an average day, your body may produce sweat to regulate temperature, your skin will create oil for moisture and to create a barrier against external conditions, and you’re exposed to the dirt and soil of the outside world. Much of this potent cocktail is deposited on your clothes even if you can’t spot any aesthetic difference. If you simply place your item back on its shelf or hanger until its next use, all of the contaminants which were deposited have time to slowly saturate the fabric, as with a surface stain, causing the fabric fibers to adopt a darkened tone and weaken. Treat your clothing like the financial investment it is, and assume that your garments are in need of care after each wear

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