How to Control your Asthma Attack without Inhaler?


Asthma is the chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. In this ailment, bronchial tubes in your lungs become over reactive to irritants and are blocked by mucus by making them inflamed. These airways carry oxygen to and from your body. It becomes very difficult to breathe when your lungs and bronchial tubes get affected. The lungs seem to produce a wheezing sound.

Those who are suffering from asthma may get they attack at the times of exposure to irritants such as dust, smoke, cigarette smoke, pet dander, physical exertion and emotional out bursts.

Asthma attack is when you start with a little cough then you feel discomfort and before you get to know it, you are gasping for some air and listening to the sound of every breath. It makes you panic at once. And at such times you need to use your inhaler.

If you have asthma, it is very important for you to keep inhaler with you because you may have trouble breathing if you get an attack. But what would happen if you get a severe asthma attack and you discover that your inhaler is empty or you don’t have it?

Ways to control asthma attack without inhaler:

Here we are trailing down a few tips for you to cope up with the situation if you get a severe asthma attack:

Sit straight:

You should sit upright at once. Bending can cause more trouble to you.

Take deep breaths:

Start taking long and deep breaths. It will help you in slowing down your breathing and preventing hyperventilation.  Inhale air through your nose and exhale it from your mouth.

Stay calm

It is very important to stay calm otherwise your chest may become more tighten. By calming down you can prevent tightening and it will make your breathing easier.

Get away from the trigger at once

The triggers of asthma attack may be dust, cigarette smoke or various chemical’s smell such as sulphur dioxide; chlorine gas, ammonia etc. get away from the trigger within no time and try to go some place with clean air.

Drink caffeine beverage

Hot caffeine drinks help in opening the airways and provide them relief. You can use coffee or other beverage containing caffeine. Non-herbal tea is also good for an asthma attack.

Tell someone

If it is possible for you, then talk to someone. Ask them for help. Moreover, talking to someone may also help in reducing your anxiety and making you feel better. Of you become anxious, your asthma attach can become worse. So try to stay calm and relax.

Press on some acupressure points

Press on the front parts of your inner shoulder, above the armpits and other edges of the crease of your elbows when your arms are bent. These are all the lungs points. Pressing on all the areas for a few minutes would help in relaxing your muscles which have become tight due to the attack.

Steam up

Showering in warm water helps when you get an asthma attack. Or just staying in bathroom with the hot water running from the shower would also work. Warm moisture is better than that of cold one.

Emergency medical help

If you find, coughing, wheezing and breathing does not get under controlled even after doing all the measure and taking rest, seek for medical attention immediately.


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