How to Cope with a Spouse with too Much Spending Habits


Does your spouse spend too much? You drive an old model Honda civic while your spouse drives a sparkling BMW. You go for shopping and purchase only what you were intended for and your husband returns home loaded with shopping bags with just a little required stuff out of the whole? Yu are working hard to make savings while your spouse is spending as money as if money grew on trees. It means you have to deal with an overspending spouse.

Here are a few steps you can take to cope with your overspending spouse and become able to make savings for achieving future goals.

Make a budget which you both will follow

It is a wise concept to create a realistic household budget. It should not be inflexible. Once it is prepared, both the partners should financial to create a good financial harmony.

Take a review of financial statements together

It is very important for couples to study their bank statements and credit card bills together. It will show that what types of purchases their partners are making and which are leading to a poor financial situation gradually. May be their credit card bill is filled with fast food lunches or excessive shopping etc. these things should be discussed.

Decide who has to handle the money

Chose one of the partners who spends less and give him/her the responsibility of handling the money. They should handle regular shopping and grocery. The one who cannot get through a target without spending hundreds of dollars, that person should not be in charge of the shopping. Instead give the responsibility to the person who can run down a list and only buy those items which are needed.

Talk about financial challenges

Communication is the lifeblood of a married life. They should communicate about all the aspects of life including financial challenges. They should be discussed and accepted in order to get a better way of life in future. It should be discussed that if overspending will be continued, it may bring harder challenges in life.

The financial problems can be resolved if couples agree to hold overspending.

Be honest about spending

It is very important to be honest in your spending. If you find that your partner is still spending too much then you must get your financial account joined with them so that you may have the knowledge about all their money withdrawals.

If both spouses are honest in their spending and discussions, there won’t be any surprise about your credit card bills in future.

Set an example

These suggestions will work only if you do not overspend yourself. You must set a good example by spending less and making more savings. Make your partner realize that you are working towards your financial goals very hard and you expect the same from, your partner. Support them through the process and don’t expect that your partner would at once will leave overspending. Understand that it’s a gradual process and can take some time. But if there is not even less change in their behavior then you must communicate with them regarding financial issues. Put your own example before your spouse.

Financial issues may lead your relationship to damage. Financial stress is the leading cause of divorce. If a couple won’t communicate over it and solve it, then both the partners would put their relationship in danger zone.


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