Etiquettes of Using Cell Phone in Public

One of the most revered and Controversial inventions of the last century in “Cell Phone”, there is no doubt about its advantages and no question about having it or not. It has become a compulsion for each of us. But are there any specific Manners or rules about use of a cell phone in public? Well there aren’t any hard and fast rules but some moral duties to consider while using a phone in Public places that one should apply to himself.



Your cell phone is your private object of use it should minimize attracting anyone else’s attention. You should know that other people around you have no intentions of being aware that you are using your cell phone. Try to be considerate about use of the cell phone keeping your privacy in mind, in short be Discreet.


Be respectful

The most common error people show while using cell phone in public is showing No respect to others. People sometimes ignore others intentionally or unintentionally, the cause distraction to others or sometime disrupting others. When you are using your phone in public just consider that you have to be a reasonable person who is respectful to all and in order to that you must not ignore anyone who is trying to engage with you and don’t ever cause disturbance to others.

Stay Safe

When you are driving a vehicle, you are in charge of your safety and others too. Never take a call while driving or text. If you consider it very important you can park the car at a safe place first. There are number of accident that cause for this reason every year.


Keep distance while talking on phone

First thing, you should never take a call in an enclosed room with people in it, but if it is really important you should leave the room or at least keep some distance from people present in the room in order to avoid disturbance and distraction.

Lower your voice

When you are talking on your phone in a public place, you must keep your voice low, so that other cannot hear you. It will keep your privacy and save others from getting annoyed or disturbed.


Don’t put your cell phone on speaker

This is the most ill-mannered act anyone can do, when it comes to use of cell phone in public.

Avoid Multi-tasking

When you are interacting with people, you should only interact with people and should not be using cell phone side by side so avoid making calls or texting while shopping, waiting in a queue, banking, teaching or anything that involves your interaction with others.

Don’t use phone while Eating

Whether you are eating alone or eating with others in a public place you shouldn’t use your cell phone. It is unhygienic plus it shows your lack of interest in people you are eating with.

Know the “Texting rules”

When you are in an enclosed place it’s better that you don’t take calls but texting can be done, for that;
You should use the “Vibration mode” rather than “Text tones”.
Don’t text while walking, you might bump into someone.
Don’t text during a meeting or important conversation.
Limit use of phone when you are with Friends or at a family gathering.


Places where you cannot use your cell phon

You must know and always keep in mind that there are some places where you cannot use your cell i.e.,

  • School
  • Lectures
  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Trains
  • Flights
  • Hospitals
  • Elevators
  • Restaurants
  • Meetings
  • Bathrooms
  • Museums
  • Auditoriums


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