Feel Happiness In Serving Humanity

Not by becoming a generous or kind-hearted person you can help humanity but being human with others will give your participation in increasing the level of humanity. To serve humanity means to serve people around you an no matter what your status is, you can do a lot for humanity with your honest work and pure thoughts.

What education teaches us? To speak ill-will for others to make others feel degrade for those things they are deprived of? To fulfill your own bank account when people around you are dying with hunger? To make your homes neat and clean making the area around full of dust and garbage?

Education teaches us to live with conscious mind and heart that have feelings and sentiments for others. Educations make us conscious of our individuality and every individual can do a lot in making a better society, better home and a better world. Some important things that you can do to serve humanity are given here:

Feed hunger and help the needy:

Hunger is most pathetic situation for a person and it enforces man to do those bad things that he would never had imagined he can. It is the hunger that compels a person to become a thief or looter. Try to demolish hunger from world and understandably you cannot go to the whole world but you can take care of your neighbors.

If you are sleeping after having a great meal and your neighbors are awaking with hunger then this act sounds very cruel. You must be conscious about the surrounding and try to share what you have. If you have two breads you must have a heart to share the one with a hungry person. By decreasing the hunger you can save humans of being becoming evil person or can save others from dying.

By spreading awareness:

We can see some famous people who are working in campaign and going place to place to make people aware of different kinds of diseases like aids or breast cancer hat can take lives. This is a great way to serve humanity because with daily busy routine work human beings mostly neglect their health and do not bother to go for medical checkup even they neglect if they see some symbols in their body.

To make people aware of different fatal diseases is also a great work for humanity and try to make other acknowledge of what you know. In this way you can make people before that they become victim of disease and can save their lives.

By being humble:

Stop blaming others for their faults and wrong doings. Stop complaining for other selfish attitude because you cannot change others but you change yourself. It is you who have to learn to deal with peoples of every kind and every nature.

If people around you are bad so make amendments in yourself and set an example for others to follow. With speaking gently and behaving in good manners paying respect to elders and loving the children you can throw a very good impact upon others that will force them to be good with you.

Take a start of demolishing the selfishness from yourself. With your humility you can make others happy and can create a lovely atmosphere when you are in home or in office.

Make you environment neat and clean:

A group of people can start a campaign to make people conscious of cleanliness. At present times mostly diseases are caused by dirt and dust in environment. Places are full of heavy dust and pile of garbage. Stop feeling shy of holding a broom and start cleaning the streets.

A group of volunteers can go for thus task in streets and then people will feel their responsibility too to make the atmosphere clean. With a clean atmosphere their would be less chances of fatal diseases in the world.

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