Flawless Makeup Tips and Techniques for Young Girls:

Really you got tired up by having a sticky and a lot of makeup using daily on your face. Don’t use excess use of makeup on face. Because there will be a time when you will cry for the excess use of makeup. You need to lessen down the quantity of using makeup on your face. Use less but unique.



Are you having dark circle problem?

If yes! Then you need to conceal it first. Conceal up your eye. Use the lighter color than your skin. Because under eye color is dark that’s why use lighter color than the color of your foundation. Mix it up with the help of a finger don’t use brush because some of the time the spots of concealer elaborates more.

Quantity and technique of using foundation:

You don’t need to use any more layering of foundation now. As according to some technique it will be easy, when you add quantity of foundation on your skin wipe it off with the help of tissue. Don’t wipe the whole foundation; just softly wipe it off with the dry tissue paper. Apply it on your nose sides, under cheekbone, above your eyebrows, on cheeks and then just rub it up with the help of your hand. Do avoid the spots of foundation.

Blush up:

Blush up your cheeks. Check out if you’re having a dry skin then you will blush more. And if you have a moisturized skin then you need to blush it up carefully.

As everyone have their own face shapes. Some o have oval some of the people do have square, heart, oblong and round shaped faces. That why all of these people have to blush them up with different techniques.


Oval should apply blush on at the cheek bones

Round faces have to apply blush on at the middle of the cheeks.

Square shaped one has to apply blush on at middle in round shape.

Heart shaped has to apply blush on in heart shape on cheek bones.

Whiten your eye:

Use white pencil under your eyes if you’re having a small eye. And add black eye liner that will makes you eyes more attractive. Whiten up your eye from the upper part of your eye lid:

If your eye is of small shape ten you need to add whitener at the inner corner of the eyes. This will bloom your eye in bigger shape.

Add some sober shade on your eye.

Don’t use dark shadows. It will make more attention on your dark circles.


Apply black liner, use pencil liner instead of liquid liner. That is because pencil liner is bit easy to use. But if you want to use liquid liner than sketch out the liner first and then fill it up with liquid liner.


Brush your eyebrows first. Then apply that color of pencil which may match the color of your hair.


Add some mascara on your eyes. That will pop out all of your personality got elaborate with your make up. Apply it at both sides. If you do have small eye lashes then apply false eye lashes. Don’t over burden your eyes.

Lushly lips:

Add some lushness to your lips. Choice’s all yours that what color you going to put.



As now a day the days are of red lips. So you need to add red lipstick. But you have to apply lip liner first. After it apply lipstick of the same color. Clear up the edges with brush.



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