Guidelines on How to Organize an Event or Party

Whether you are organizing an official event or it’s just a friend get together. You will have to be very vigilant in planning and organizing everything. It can be success or a failure depending upon your preparations. For avoiding mismanagement and blunders you must follow some step to make it work.


 Plan Two months ahead

When you are organizing an official event you need to plan very carefully, planning event may include:

knowing the goals of the event in order to achieve them

Setting up the team

Making budget

Venue of the event

Time and Date

The theme of the party

Thinking about all the aspects of party

The budget

The budget is the most important thing, whether you are planning a big event or small party for friends. See all the sources or sponsors available for the expenses to be accrued. Calculate each and everything and see if you have that much money or not. If yes you can continue planning, but if it’s not the case you will have to see the budget first.

Make guest list

After you have confirmed the budget it’s time to make a guest list. Write down the names, phone numbers and addressed of all the people you are going to invite. The VIP’s must be highlighted to make an extra call of reminder.

Decide Time, date and Venue

Deciding time, date and venue is something that must be done with keeping all kind of situations and possibilities in mind. The venue should be easily “reachable place” for all the guests. Time and date should be fixed by keeping the availability of guests and especially VIPs in focus.

Assign duties

Prior the party decides what duty will be performed by whom, all the people of management must be fully aware of their tasks.

Make List

Listing all the things you are going to need in the party decoration or arrangement is a crucial step since you cannot rush to the market all the time. So take time to make a complete list.

Gather things needed

The next step is collecting all the necessary items. Buy or lend all the things and keep them at a safe place.

Prepare invites

Different kind of events requires different kind of invitation cards. Keep in mind the event you are organizing and prepare a good invite with all the exact information about time date and venue of the event/party.

 Send invites at least a week before

Sending invites a couple of days prior means you are not very much interested in their presence at the event/party, send the invites 8-10 days prior the day.

Select the food to be served

the refreshment is plays a key role in many events. Keep the taste of the guest in mind while selecting the party menu.

Set everything before time

as a host it is your duty to prepare everything and beside that check if everything is ready at the main day.

Be there before guests

at the time of party you must be present at the venue to welcome your guest and to be at their serve, be courteous.

Take photos

Photos means memories and in official events they become photos of the company’s photo books.


After the function is over you must clean up the place, keep the venue mess-free even during the party as people usually are careless when they are not hosts.

Bonus tip

As a host you should always keep a big smile on your face, show your dedication and interest in serving your guest, make your guests feel special and respected. You can always make a plan to give small gifts on their way home. J


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