Habits to Break Today

“Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.” –Proverb

We all have some bad habits that we would do better without. Bad habits are like a water stream sometimes, you can’t stop it until you make the BARRIORS. That’s called breaking a bad habit. To live a healthier and happier life it is very important that you quit all your bad habits.


Here are some of the unhealthy, some strong some flimsy habits that you must stop today.

Bad habits making you physically UNHEALTHY:

  1. Sleeping late – waking up late

Going to bed at a late hour is bad for you in so many ways; it is bad for your physical health and your mental health as well. The first direct disadvantage you get is you wake up late and fail to accomplish your due task or get late, you get less than required sleep and that make you more prone to get sick and you increase your chances of dying sooner than the natural death time. Lack of sleep and excessive sleep both are evil.

  1. Skipping Breakfast

Not eating breakfast leads to unhealthy body, if you don’t eat your breakfast everyday you will be dragging yourself to work or study without energy. Start eating your breakfasts today to live a healthier life.

  1. Eating when not hungry

If you eat whatever comes before you without thinking being hungry you are more prone to get extra weight on your body. You will regret it later so stop snacking all the time.

  1. Not Exercising

The people who doesn’t exercise or walk have more chances to get several diseases including obesity, while the people who do it live an active and healthy life.

  1. Not Drinking enough

Water is an essential for skin health, digestive system, mental health, for staying active, for heart and for other human body systems to work properly; when you don’t drink enough you get in trouble.

  1. Relying on pain-killers

Headaches and body aches are common these days, and what most of the people do is they take pain killer which is not a way to cure the problem, so better take proper medication or use home remedies for relieving pain.

  1. Smoking, boozing

You know this, you have this bad habit and how it is affecting your health, so quit smoking and liquor consumption.

Habits that making you mentally unhealthy:

  1. Over thinking

You get nothing out of thing too much but the depression. So stop over thinking if you cannot do anything about something than what’s use of thinking about it?

  1. Being Obsessed

Have goals and aims, work hard to achieve but never be obsessed with anything and ignore everything or/and everyone else.

  1. Negative approach

If you are the pessimist, change it. There is more than negative in everything.

  1. Stress magnet

Taking too much stress will eventually make you gloomy. Don’t take too much stress and live in today.

  1. Social Media addiction

Social media addiction can cause a lot of problems i.e., you waste too much time, you get involved with unreal friends, too much socializing is a problem itself.

Habits making you spiritually unhealthy:

  1. Not Pray

If you have faith, pray, it is not for the God but for yourself.

  1. Practicing gratitude

The person who doesn’t practice gratitude stays anxious, jealous, envious, and unhappy.

  1. Not volunteering

If you cannot find peace anywhere you will find it in serving others.

Reminder: “The only proper way to eliminate bad habits is to replace them with good ones.” –Jerome Hines


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