Healthy and Successful Advice to Deal with Difficult In-Laws:

“Healthy couples deal with their in-laws by recognizing that they are different people with different ways,” said Cathy Siebold, DSW, a psychoanalyst who also teaches and supervises in New York City. You have to try to ignore it. But you can’t ignore problems in perpetual. First, know where to draw the line. “Everyone has a different tipping point,” says Dr. Forward. “Your threshold for in-law tension may be much higher than someone else’s. But if you’re being verbally abused, or have gotten to the point of having anxiety, headaches and other physical symptoms, you need to confront the situation.”


Make clear boundaries:

You need to made clear boundaries between you and your in-laws. Set it up with your in-laws, if you are not able to do it well then set boundaries well to cover down the situations between all of you. They need to be able to have navigable conversations with their spouse about their postulate and procreate an orderliness that both of them give carte blanches with. Hansen said “she gave the following example: Your partner is OK with his or her mother stopping by unannounced. You’re not. So you decide that family members need to call beforehand to make sure it’s a good time to come over”.

Respect your spouse attachment:

If your husband or wife is too much attached with their own parents, then you need to respect their relationship and need to overcome all of the issues between you and your in-law completely. Just do it for your spouse’s sake, making your spouse happy.

Understand problems:

You have to understand the problem thoroughly, and how do it is affecting your lifestyles, these kind of a situation between you and your in-laws makes you feel more irritated so clear these problems as soon as possible.

Avoid nagging and trigger:

Whenever your in-laws starts nagging and trigging on you, you need to avoid the way your in-laws start nagging at you, to make the situation settled down. “They have needs, concerns, doubts and feelings, just like you do,” Barth said. “Treat them not like parents, but like you would any other people you are gradually getting to know.”

Think about your spouse and child:

You need to think about your child and spouse just because of the up growing situation. Let you come down the fighting situation in front of your child and spouse to stop breaking relation with them. “Processing the difficulties in words is one of the most important tools a couple has for dealing with in-laws,” Barth said.

Ask to your spouse to help:

If you are not able to handle the situation well then you need to talk to your spouse about the whole situation and also ask your spouse for help. Or ask for taking step on this kind of a situation.

Act that you like them:

Whenever you meet your in-laws pretend that you like them a lot and love them infinity times.

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